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7 Free Missing Addend Word Problems Worksheets

Missing addend word problems differ from transition “Find the sum or difference” word problems in that one portion and the entire are supplied. 

In this article, we’ll explore the world of missing addend word problems

7 Exciting Missing Addend Word Problems Worksheet

It is necessary to do this before beginning any type of practice in order for children to understand and visualize the addend word problems they are working on.

Here we go!

missing addend word problems

Solve and Draw

Worksheet #1

Missing Fish

Worksheet #2

Picnic Theme

Worksheet #3

Farm Activity

Worksheet #4

Garden Theme

Worksheet #5

Car Racing

Worksheet #6

Counting Money

Worksheet #7

Drawing Activity

A drawing activity is a great way to teach students missing addition word problems. First, they solve the problems and then draw the missing elements.

For example, if I want to make an apple pie with 16 apples but I have only 6 apples, tell me how many more apples I need to make an apple pie. After solving the problem, ask them to draw 10 apples, as 10 is the missing addend.

Fish Missing Addend Word Problem

This worksheet contains word problems about fish. Help your kids find the missing addend by subtracting the answer from the given number. 

Time for a Picnic!

In this method, the questions relate to a picnic theme. For example, Emily brought five sandwiches to the picnic. Her friend brought some more. They have a total of nine sandwiches. How many sandwiches did Emily’s friend bring?

Farm Activity!

It’s a great way to teach students missing addend word problems as they can visualize the problems. Also farm activity can help their recognizing animals. 

Download the worksheet for practicing missing addend word problems of farm theme.

Gardening Time!

Stress is reduced and mood is improved by gardening. Exercise can be found in gardening. It comes closer to nature.

Parents and teachers can set up gardening to learn word math problems. 

If there are 9 sunflowers in the garden. After planting some more there are 15 sunflowers. Now, tell me how many sunflowers were planted.

Car Racing

Who doesn’t like cars? Everyone has so many toy cars in their house, which is helpful for teaching our children word math problems.

In this process, we ask them to count the cars and then race those shown in the photo. They do it until they solve all the problems. 

Counting Money

Children think counting money is a fun game. I set up a game so that they could count money.

If I ask Jenny spend $10. She had $24 in her wallet. How much money did she have now?

Download Free Printable PDF

In the preceding discussion, I went over a variety of tasks involving missing addend word problems. I’m hoping that these activities may help young Champ improve their missing addend word problems solving abilities. Here are the very few exercises.

By selecting the download button, you can save this practice sheet to your computer or mobile device and print it.


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