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4 Equivalent Fraction Game Printable | Free Worksheets

This equivalent fraction game printable will help to visualize and understand fraction value and number system. 2nd and 3rd Grade students will learn basic fractional operation methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free equivalent fraction game printable.

4 Worksheets on Equivalent Fraction Game

Download the following worksheets and have fun with your students.

Equivalent Fraction Game Printable

Fill in the Blanks

Worksheet #1

Finish the Circle

Worksheet #2

Match the Figure

Worksheet #3

Match the Cards

Worksheet #4

Fill in the Blanks of Equivalent Fraction and Go Through the Road

In this portion of this article, your student has to find the equivalent fraction. You can find a starting point on the road.you need to fill up the blanks on each portion of the road to go through. After finishing the gaps one by one you will reach the ending point and finish the game.


Find the Equivalent Fraction and Finish the Circle

Here, you will get a circle in the worksheet. However, your student just needs to find the equivalent fraction of a certain fraction and circle it with a pen. There may be other fractions which are extra fractions and are not equivalent to any fractions.


Match the Figures of Equivalent Fraction

Your student will get some cards with this worksheet representing a fraction with a figure. Here, he/she has to match the figures and get the equivalent fractions from the cards.


Match the Cards of Equivalent Fraction

This activity is quite similar to the previous one. Here, a student is provided with cards in the worksheets. Hence, he/she needs to match the fractions which are equivalent to each other.


Download the Free PDF

Download the following combined worksheet PDF and grow a sense of fractions in your students.


So today, we’ve discussed the equivalent fraction game printable using the concepts of filling in the blanks, finishing the circle, matching the figures, and matching the cards. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of fractions.

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