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Missing Subtrahend Worksheets | Free Printable


Just like missing addend, another fun math activity is to find the missing subtrahend. To make subtraction problems more interesting and easy to solve, today we are going to show you how to find missing subtrahend along with worksheets.

Also, along with the activities, you will find sufficient worksheets as pdf for practicing in the below. These types of missing subtrahend worksheets will be suitable for both 1st and 2nd-grade students. Additionally, we will try to provide you with understanding and worksheets for missing minuend as well. So, let’s start our lesson.

Introduction to Missing Subtrahend and Minuend

Before starting our activities, let’s get familiarized with missing subtrahend and minuend. You may be thinking what these two are? Let’s look at the first problem in the following picture. A simple subtraction problem right? If we get that, then go on to the next line.

Here you can see there is something missing from the equation. All the numbers on the left side are not present. Can you tell which value is absent? The bigger or the smaller one? The smaller one.

So, if the number taken away from a subtraction  is absent then it is called the missing subtrahend.

Like the third problem on the image, if the bigger number or from which the subtrahend will be taken is absent then it is called a missing minuend.

Explaining Missing Subtrahend and MInuend

5 Fun Missing Subtrahend Worksheets

After so much theory crafting, let’s start today’s journey. In the following section, I have added some fun-filled activities regarding missing subtrahend worksheets. Unlike the term, it is much easier to solve the activities and find the answers. We believe this activity along with the worksheets will be helpful for your youngsters to strengthen their grasp on these types of problems.

Before solving any of the following problems you have to remember the following things

  • Firstly, find the whole or the total of the problem.
  • Then, from the problem, try to figure out what you have to find? A missing subtrahend or a missing minuend?
  • How will you understand?
  • If the number from which another number is taken away is absent, then it is a minuend.
  • Otherwise, if the number taken away is asked to find, then it is a subtrahend.
  • The bigger number will always be on the right side of the minus sign and the smaller one will be on the left side of the sign.
  • Switch the place of the given value from left to right to find the unknown one.
  • Remember to change the sign after switching from left to right or vice versa.
  • Finally, after the calculation, get your desired answer.

Activity 1: Hop Over

Mrs. Copperwood has prepared 15 pastries for her son’s friends. Some of them have eaten cookies. After counting Mrs. Copperwood saw that 9 pastries were left.

Can you find how many pastries were eaten?

Hopping Over Number Line to Find Number of Left Pastries to Build Missing Subtrehand Worksheets

Activity 2: Detective Smith Is Investigating!

Burglar alert! A burglar has stolen about $1,000 from a supermarket. It’s upon detective Smith to find him with all the money. But after catching him, he only found $400 with him.

Detective Smith Is Investigating to Find the Missing Money The burglar has hid the rest of the amount. How many dollars has the burglar hid? Can detective Smith find out?
After Investigating He Found the Amount of Stolen Money

Activity 3: Have You Eaten My Moonpies?

Your mother is making moonpies for your birthday. Before plating, you have counted a total of 25 moonpies. But after getting ready and coming downstairs there are only 17 moonpies left.

Counting Number of Uneaten Moonpies
Will it be possible for you to figure out how many moonpies have been eaten?
Showing Final Number of Uneaten Moonpies to Make Missing Subtrehand Worksheets

Activity 4: How Many Eggs Are Fresh?

Mr. Sam has bought 14 eggs from the market. After coming home, his wife has kept the eggs for a few days, as they have gone on a trip.

But when they returned from the trip, his wife found some of the eggs were fresh and others were rotten. After counting, 4 eggs were rotten. So, how many eggs remained fresh?
Finding Number of Fresh Eggs by Missing Subtrehand Strategy

Activity 5: Play with Blocks

Blocks are fun things to play with. Everybody loves to play with blocks. So do you. To make a bar you told your friend to gather 11 blocks.

But on the way, he lost some of those blocks and gave you only 7 blocks. How many blocks did he lose?

Playing Block Games to Make Missing Subtrehand Worksheets

Find Missing Minuend

Just like the previous discussion, minuend is also a subtraction problem. This time, rather than finding the number we took, we will find the number from which the subtrahend was taken. Thinking about it? Let’s start. Gloria decides to buy a bouquet of tulip flowers.

Among the flowers, 4 tulips were taken and 6 tulips were left. From how many flowers of the bouquet, 4 tulips were taken?

Explaining Missing Minuend

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed some fun activities regarding missing subtrahend worksheets problems. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of missing subtrahend problems.

The free missing subtrahend worksheets pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.


Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.



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