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5 Free Missing Subtrahend Worksheets | Fun Activities

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These missing subtrahend worksheets will help to visualize and understand place value and number systems. 1st and 2nd-grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable missing subtrahend worksheets.

5 Fun Missing Subtrahend Worksheets

Please download the following missing subtrahend worksheets and practice subtraction on the pages.

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Single-Digit Subtrahend

Worksheet #1

Multi-Digit Subtrahend

Worksheet #2

Number Bond

Worksheet #3

Vertical Subtraction

Worksheet #4

Word Problems

Worksheet #5

Introduction to Missing Subtrahend and Minuend

Just like missing addend, another fun math activity is to find the missing subtrahend. To make subtraction problems more interesting and easy to solve, today we are going to show you how to find missing subtrahend along with worksheets.

Before starting our activities, let’s get familiarized with the missing subtrahend and minuend. You may be thinking what these two are? Let’s look at the first problem in the following picture. A simple subtraction problem right? If we get that, then go on to the next line.

Here you can see there is something missing from the equation. All the numbers on the left side are not present. Can you tell which value is absent? Is the bigger or the smaller one? The smaller one.

So, if the number taken away from subtraction is absent, it is called the missing subtrahend.

Like the third problem on the image, if the bigger number or from which the subtrahend will be taken is absent then it is called a missing minuend.

Explaining Missing Subtrahend and MInuend

Before solving any of the following problems you have to remember the following things

  • Firstly, find the whole or the total of the problem.
  • Then, from the problem, try to figure out what you have to find. A missing subtrahend or a missing minuend?
  • How will you understand?
  • If the number from which another number is taken away is absent, then it is a minuend.
  • Otherwise, if the number taken away is asked to find, then it is a subtrahend.
  • The bigger number will always be on the right side of the minus sign and the smaller one will be on the left side of the sign.
  • Switch the place of the given value from left to right to find the unknown one.
  • Remember to change the sign after switching from left to right or vice versa.
  • Finally, after the calculation, get your desired answer.

Find Single-Digit Subtrahend

In our first activity, we will find some single-digit subtrahend. Some basic subtraction problems are given in the following worksheet.

Do the subtraction and find the missing subtrahend.

Find Multi-Digit Subtrahend

After solving single-digit subtrahend problems, this time we will find some subtrahend which are more than a single digit. That means we will do some multi-digit subtrahend exercises here.

Do the subtraction and find the missing multi-digit subtrahend.

Number Bond with Missing Subtrahend

Let’s solve some number bond activity with the concept of missing subtrahend. Every number bond is composed of two smaller and one bigger bubble.

One of the smaller bubbles is missing its number. Find the missing number to complete every bond.

Find Missing Subtrahend from Vertical Subtraction

In this worksheet, we will solve some vertical subtraction to find the missing subtrahend in this activity. All of the vertical subtractions are missing one of the subtrahends.

Perform the vertical subtraction as per basic rules and find the missing subtrahend.

Simple Word Problems on Finding Missing Subtrahend

At last, we will solve some simple word problems regarding missing subtrahend. Read each of the problems carefully and find all the required solutions.

Find Missing Minuend

Just like the previous discussion, minuend is also a subtraction problem. This time, rather than finding the number we took, we will find the number from which the subtrahend was taken.

Explaining Missing Minuend

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed missing subtrahend worksheets using the concepts of single-digit, and multi-digit subtraction, number bonds, vertical subtraction, and some interactive word problems. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of subtraction.

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