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8 Free Comparing Numbers to 10 Worksheets

These comparing numbers to 10 worksheets will help to understand about comparison between numbers. Kindergarten students will learn the basic comparison of numbers from 1 to 10 and improve their basic math skills with our free printable comparing numbers to 10 worksheets.

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8 Exciting Comparing Numbers to 10 Worksheets

Please download the following comparing numbers to 10 Worksheets and practice comparing numbers to 10 on the pages.

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More or Fewer Apples

Worksheet #1

Drawing Pears

Worksheet #2

Finding Hearts

Worksheet #3

Using Comparison Symbol

Worksheet #4

Identifying Numbers

Worksheet #5

Comparing Numbers

Worksheet #6

Greatest or Least Number

Worksheet #7

Ordering Numbers

Worksheet #8

Finding Group with Comparing Number of More or Fewer Apples

In this worksheet, you will see some groups of apples given. You need to circle the groups that have more or fewer apples according to the given instructions.

The first one is done as an example.

Drawing Groups with Comparing Number of More or Less Pears

In this part, your student will find some groups of pears as their task. You need to draw more or less pears as indicated in the question.

Finding Group with Comparing Number of Most or Least Hearts

In this worksheet, your student has to find the groups of hearts that meet certain criteria. You can find the most hearts and the least hearts in the same row. Circle the group with the most hearts, and cross out the group with the least hearts.

Comparing Group of Objects with Comparison Symbols

In this activity, your student has to indicate groups of apples with comparison symbols (<, >, =). Just use the appropriate symbol if the left side of a group is greater, smaller, or equal to the right side.

Identifying and Comparing of Greater or Lesser Number

In this portion, there are two numbers in each box. One is greater, and one is lesser. Circle the greater and lesser numbers in each box according to the instructions.

Comparing Numbers and Placing Correct Symbols

In this worksheet, your students can see two numbers with a blank space between them. Place the correct symbol > or < between the numbers to indicate which number is bigger.

Identifying and Comparing of Greatest or Least Number in Group

This worksheet is organized to identify the greatest or lowest number. Your student has to find the greatest or least number from a group of three numbers and circle it according to the instructions.

Ordering Comparison Number in Correct Sequence

In this activity, a group of numbers are given. You can find the least one and fix it in the first position, then find the second least and fix it in the second position, and so on. Thus, you have to order the numbers from least to greatest.

Download the Free PDF

Download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

So today, we’ve discussed comparing numbers to 10 worksheets using the concepts of finding more or fewer numbers using objects, comparison symbols, comparing numbers, identifying greatest or least numbers, and ordering numbers. Download our free worksheets and by practicing these worksheets, the students will improve their skills in comparing numbers from 1 to 10.

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