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6 Fun Gingerbread Man Math Activities | Free Worksheets

Math can often be a daunting subject for young learners, but what if we told you that it could be made fun and exciting with the help of gingerbread men?

In this article on gingerbread man math activities, we’ll look at some engaging and educational arithmetic exercises using the gingerbread man that you can do with your kids to sweeten their education!

6 Exciting Worksheets for Practicing Gingerbread Man Math Activities 

Many math concepts may be taught using the gingerbread man as a teaching tool. Now it’s time to learn new skills.

Gingerbread Man Math Activities

Color Gingerbread Man

Worksheet #1

Count Gingerbread Man

Worksheet #2

Addition Game

Worksheet #3

Cut and Paste Game

Worksheet #4

Multiplication Game

Worksheet #5

Word Problems

Worksheet #6

Color Gingerbread Man by Number

By following these steps, you can help your students develop their color recognition and number skills while having fun coloring a delicious gingerbread man.

  • Start by providing a coloring sheet of a gingerbread man with numbers on each section of his body and a list of colors.
  • Introduce the concept of color coding by explaining to your students that each number corresponds to a specific color.
  • For example, the eyes are written with the code 4, and the color code of 4 is white, so the eyes will be white.
  • Ask your students to color the rest of the sections of the gingerbread man, following the number-color code.
  • Once the students have finished coloring the gingerbread man, review the colors and numbers with them to ensure they have understood the concept.

Let’s Count the Gingerbread Man!

  • Draw some gingerbread men.
  • Ask the students to count the gingerbread man.
  • The numbers will be written on the right side of the photo. 
  • After that, ask your children to repeat counting with you.

Gingerbread Man Task Cards  

  • Provide many task cards of the gingerbread man with a number written on them.
  • Ask the students to add up the task cards and write the answer on the worksheet.
  • If a student chooses two cards of numbers 6 and 7, she will add the number, such as 6+7, and the answer will be 13.
  • The teacher will check the answers.

Cut and Paste GingerBread Man Subtracting Game

  • Divide the worksheet into two parts.
  • Draw some gingerbread men with some subtracting math problems on one part.
  • Write the answers on the other part of the worksheet.
  • The students will solve the problems.
  • Then, cut the correct answer and stick it under the problem.
  • If a student chooses a gingerbread man with a problem of 7-5, she will stick to answer 2.

Gingerbread Man Button Multiplication

  • Give the students a worksheet with lots of multiplication.
  • Ask them to count the buttons of each gingerbread man.
  • Write the numbers and then, multiply.
  • Such as in the first problem, the first gingerbread man has 3 buttons and the second one has 4 buttons. 
  • They will write and multiply the numbers. The answer is 12.
  • Whoever gives the correct answer first will be the winner.

Gingerbread Man Division Word Problem

Math problems that are presented as stories or scenarios from everyday life are known as “word problems.”

Students must understand the meaning of the problem, recognize the key points, and use mathematical principles to solve word problems.

I used to ask them a question about the division, and then they would solve the problems.

Download Free Gingerbread Man Math Activities PDF

One of the more challenging concepts for children to learn is how to solve gingerbread man math activities. These worksheets start with extremely simple issues to make it easier to overcome this barrier, just like the other problem worksheets in this PDF.

Our interactive worksheet contains all the activities discussed in this article, along with some extra exercises for our preschoolers and first graders to sharpen their brains. 

Download this free PDF to unlock those chances!

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