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10 Fun Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Worksheets

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These odd and even numbers sorting worksheets will improve your student’s understanding of mathematical concepts, number sorting capability, and number recognition skills. We will use different theme-based worksheets to practice and learn odd and even numbers sorting.

10 Worksheets for Odd and Even Numbers Sorting

All worksheets are thoughtfully made to keep kids’ visual interests so they won’t get bored. Download these free worksheets to practice.

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Object Sorting

Worksheet #1

Cut- Paste

Worksheet #2

Maze Challenge

Worksheet #3

Sorting- Pumpkins

Worksheet #4

Sentence Sort

Worksheet #5

Colouring Stars

Worksheet #6

Numicon- Sorting

Worksheet #7

Ten-Frame Buses

Worksheet #8

Ice- Cream Sorting

Worksheet #9

Halloween Theme

Worksheet #10

Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Process

Odd numbers are those that leave a remainder or cannot be divided into equal groups but are totally divisible by two. Even numbers are those that can be grouped equally or completely divisible by two. So, an even number is a number between odd numbers, and an odd number is a number between even numbers.

Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Overview

Therefore, 1 is regarded as an odd number. Even numbers are 2, 4, 6, and 8, while odd numbers are 1, 3, 5, and 9. When determining whether a large number, such as 3245, is odd or even, the simplest technique is to choose the digit in the one’s place and see if that number is divisible by 2.

Here, the digit in the one position is 5, which cannot be divided by two. Thus, 3245 is an odd number.

Even numbers are verified using the same procedures. Pick the last number when the number is large, such as 754. Two times two is four. 754 is therefore an even number. Here, for more clarity, a photo has been added.

Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Process

Even & Odd Object Sorting

Random items are placed into boxes in this exercise worksheet. Children must count them and fill in the blanks with the object’s number. Then, based on the object’s number, they must color the box odd or even. A worksheet related to this activity is given below. Download the PDF for practice.

Even and Odd Sorting with Cut and Paste Game

The love shapes contain both odd and even numbers. Young people must cut out the love forms and paste them into suitable empty jars.

Let’s practice this worksheet.

Fun Even and Odd Sort Maze Challenge

In this activity, students have to help a kangaroo find his kids by solving a maze. The maze should be solved by shorting even and odd numbers. In accordance with the instructions, color the odd or even numbers. Isn’t it fun?

Let’s have some fun activity tasks with the following worksheet.

Odd and Even Numbers Sorting- Pumpkins

By coloring pumpkins, we will practice sorting in this activity. On pumpkins, there is a random number. To color pumpkins, you must first sort them into odd or even groups. Color codes are provided in the instructions according to numbers.

Finally, color the number in accordance with the directions. Download the worksheet below to complete this interesting activity.

Even and Odd Number Sentence Sort

Number sentences are presented as a graph in this activity. Children must compute them and determine the answer. Then they must insert them into the tables for odd and even number sentences.

The worksheet is given below.

Odd and Even Colouring Stars

This is similar to the previous pumpkin activity. By coloring stars, we will practice sorting odd and even numbers in this activity. Use the following worksheet to complete this exercise.

Odd and Even Numicon Shape Sorting

On the practice sheet’s left side, random shapes are provided. The numicon’s dots must be counted by the students. Students must next place the numicon in the odd or even table depending on the number of the dot.

Do this simple exercise from the worksheet below.

Ten-Frame Buses Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Activity

There are school buses with ten frames. There are random numbers of students on the bus. After sorting them, place the odd and even bus numbers in the relevant space.

Let’s practice this worksheet.

Odd and Even Ice Cream Sorting

There are ice creams on the page. There are various numbers on the ice cream. After sorting them, color the odd and even ice cream according to the given color code.

Do this simple exercise from the worksheet below.

Sorting Even and Odd Numbers with a Halloween Theme

The Halloween theme is connected to this exercise. Halloweens are distributed at random with a number code. Children are required to sort even and odd numbers and color in accordance with instructions.

Let’s travel to the following interesting worksheets without delay.

Download Free Printable Worksheet PDF

Download these compiled free worksheets to practice odd and even numbers sorting.

In this article, we have practiced odd and even number sorting worksheets using different concepts and theme-based activities using different methods of cut-and-paste games, maze challenges, coloring, shapes, and using a Halloween theme. We strongly believe after practicing our free worksheets students will definitely master the sorting process of odd and even numbers.

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