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Multiplication is a fun thing to do. It is one of the most fundamental mathematical operations. To get ease with multiplication, we must know the times table chart of numbers 1-10. Today we have brought you the 6 times table worksheets for strengthening your skills in this type of multiplication.

To make your learning more effective we are going to introduce you to some engaging activities to learn these 6 times table worksheets. So, without any hesitation and making delay, let’s start our journey.

6 Times Table Multiplication Chart and Facts

6 times table means a multiplication table that lists the multiples of 6. Generally, we see the multiples of 6 from 1-10 in a 6 times table chart, but you can increase that up to your choices. Before starting the following activities, you must understand the 6 times table thoroughly, because it is the main key-point of all the worksheets. Now, why are we introducing a 6 times table multiplication chart at first?

  • It will help your child to learn all the table facts of a 6 times table.
  • This table will help them to understand that this continuous multiplication is a form of repeated addition.
  • Also, they can skip count on various occasions by using this chart.
  • While solving various mathematical and word problems regarding multiplication, this chart will come in handy.

6x Table Up to 10 Times

In the following image, you can see a 6x table up to 10 times. 6 has been multiplied here several times by the numbers 1-10 respectively.

6 Times Table upto 10 times

6x Table Up to 12 Times

In the following image, you can see a 6x table up to 12 times. 6 has been multiplied here several times by the numbers 1-12 respectively.

6 Times Table upto 12 times

7 Exciting Activities to Learn and Practice 6 Times Table

In the following section, you will find six unique and exciting activities for practicing 6 times table worksheets. Each of the activities will require your skill on multiplication specially on the 6 times table. So, let’s conquer them all.

Color the  Product to Find Your Way Out

Starting our today’s journey with a simple multiplication and coloring activity. The following maze contains some numbers. Some of the numbers are multiples of 6. These numbers are your way out of the maze. Find those multiples and color the space to mark your way out.

Complete the Flowers with 6 Times Table

Another activity with the multiples and products from the 6 times table. You will find some flowers in the following section and each of the flowers will have three layers. In the inner layer of the flower, the number 6 is given. In the second layer, 5 random numbers are provided.

The third layer of the flower is kept blank. What you need to do is to multiply the numbers from the second layer flower with the 6 given in the first layer of the flower. Afterward, write the products in the third  layer of the flower.

Counting by 6x Time Table Chart

We are going to complete a 100 chart using the 6 times table. See the chart below. Some numbers are missing from the chart. The clue to find those numbers are given below the chart. Find the product of the  multiples and place them in the correct position of the chart.

Determine the Products of 6 Times Multiplications

Complete the simple multiplication activity using the 6 times table chart. Here, some  multiplications are given. Your task is to solve each of the multiplications and find the products of these multiplications.

Matching Game with 6 Times Table Multiplication

This time we will play a matching game with the 6 times table multiplication. You can see some multiplications are given in the following image. Their answers are also given but not in the same order. Find the answer of each multiplication and connect them by drawing a line.

6 Times Table Count and Multiply Activity

Here, in the first column, you will find some dice with dots in them. You can see 6 dots are placed in each dice.

  • Total dot numbers are given as products. Now find the two multiplicands of that product to get the product.
  • First, count the dots of one die. You will find 6 dots in each die. So, 6 is one multiplicand.
  • Another multiplicand is the number of dice.
  • For the first example, number 6 is given in the dice and it is the first multiplicand.
  • And, the number of dice is 1 which is the second multiplicand. To find the answer multiply 6 by 1.

In the same way, find the products of the other multiplications.

Cut and Paste Game with 6 Times Table

Finish today’s journey with a cut-and-paste game. Some  multiplications are given. Also, their products are given in a random order. Now cut those products and paste them on the correct  multiplication.

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed examples of 6 times table worksheets. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of 6 times table worksheets problems.

The free 6 times table worksheets pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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