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150+ Two Step Word Problems 2nd Grade | Free Printable

Hey!! Do you like to solve mathematical problems? Are you eager to face challenges? This article will provide you with two step word problems 2nd grade. I hope these problems will give you more challenges than other mathematical problems.

9 Worksheets on Two Step Word Problems 2nd Grade

Download the following worksheets and practice.

Two Step Word Problems 2nd Grade


Worksheet #1


Worksheet #2

Addition & Subtraction

Worksheet #3

Multiplication & Division

Worksheet #4


Worksheet #5


Worksheet #6


Worksheet #7


Worksheet #8

Mixed Word Problems

Worksheet #9

Students from 1st or 2nd grades will be suitable for the questions. Even, 3rd or 4th-grade kiddos will also use the worksheets if they have some needs to improve in word problems.

two step word problems 2nd grade

Problems become more critical when the problems become word problems as you need to extract the procedure of what you want to do in the word problems. So practice more from the worksheets and be a pro in word problems.

9 Different Two Step Word Problems Examples

These worksheets will increase the sense of basic mathematical operation as well as increase the number sense and calculation sense. These two step word problems 2nd grade will make your 2nd-grade students more capable in mathematical reasoning. They will be able to implement their mathematical ability in their own lives. Follow the steps of the following activities to get the highest benefit from this article.

Addition Word Problems

This portion will give you some word problems regarding addition. Practice them from the worksheet added to this portion of the article. Hopefully, this will increase your addition ability. This portion may be called the first level of the whole article.

Subtraction Word Problems

You’ll encounter some word puzzles involving subtraction in this section. Use the worksheet added to this section of the article to practice them. This should improve your ability to subtract. This section could be referred to as the start of the piece.

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Now, this portion is the second level of this article. Here, the word problems are mixed addition and subtraction word problems. The problems may become quite tougher than the problems from the previous two portions. First, download the following PDF to practice in the two step word problems 2nd grade worksheets. Hopefully, you will enjoy solving the problems.

Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Now this is the next level worksheet of this article. Here, all you need to do is to multiply and divide numbers as mentioned in the question. As you know multiplication is the other name of addition and division is the other name of subtraction. First, download the following PDF to practice in the two step word problems 2nd grade worksheets. In the second step, practice the problems one by one.

Word Problems Regarding Measurements

Measurement is a very important topic for mathematical calculations. A student needs to measure things in his or her everyday life. So, they should learn how to measure things and calculate them. All you need to do is to download the PDF and practice the word problems regarding measurements. You will also learn the units of measurement in this PDF.

Time Word Problems

Another important topic of this article is time word problems. This is also a real-life example for kiddos. Here, you need to remember that 60 seconds make a minute and 60 minutes make an hour. This is the basic concept for this portion. After a mathematical operation, if the minute crosses 60 minutes then you need to convert the 60 minutes into an hour and then let the minutes remain the same. For instance, if the result comes 72 minutes then you need to say 1 hour and 12 minutes.

Word Problems Regarding Money

Money regarding word problems are discussed in this portion of this article. Download the PDF first. Then, practice the problems with your interest. Hopefully, you will enjoy solving the problems.

Fraction Word Problems

A fundamental concept in mathematics, fractions are used to represent portions of wholes or ratios between different types of quantities. Fraction word problems need the use of fractions to resolve mathematical conundrums or everyday situations. Understanding fundamental fractional operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is necessary to solve these problems. Download the following file and practice.

Mixed Word Problems

When solving mathematical puzzles or real-world situations, mixed word problems combine several different mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To properly solve these issues, it is frequently necessary to apply a variety of ideas and techniques.

Download the PDF

After reading this article you will get a thorough idea about two step word problems 2nd grade. Use the two step word problems 2nd grade worksheet. Hopefully, the worksheets will give your kiddos a clear idea. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations. Enjoy maths! You have got this!!

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