Hands- On And Fun Seasonal Number Sense Practice

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Getting in number sense practice does not have to be a challenge. These seasonal activities make it easy for you to add place value work to math centers.

Hands- On And Fun Seasonal Number Sense Practice

As an early elementary math teacher, you have an incredible, special, and important job.

You get to teach your little ones all about numbers. 

The work that you put into this will help these young children as they conquer fractions, decimals, and even algebra. You are laying the foundation for them to be successful mathematicians in the coming year. 

But what is important is that these concepts be revisited often. And that is what this growing bundle is all about. It is providing you math centers that get children using tools that build number sense. And they get to do it over and over again so they become fluent with it. 

And over time and with lots of practice, your little ones will develop that coveted number sense!

The Bundle

There are four ways to purchase these math centers. 

  • Buy one activity at a time. Just click on the pictures below that best meet your needs.
  • Buy four activities that fit a month’s theme. 
  • Buy the seasonal math bundle. This is a growing bundle and the price will increase each month as new seasonal number sense practice is added….and you will get what is added for free. 
  • Buy the number sense bundle. This bundle has 30 scripted lesson plans to help you teach how to use each tool, extra building number sense work, and the seasonal math bundle. Again this is a growing bundle. The price will increase as more is added….but you will get all those for free if you purchase now. 
Hands- On And Fun Seasonal Number Sense Practice

Number Sense Practice On Number Lines

Did you know that research shows that math success beyond primary grades is directly related to how well students can use a number line?

A number line is just one way we can model our work. It can be used to model whole numbers, decimals, fractions, integers, and even algebraic thinking. There is much we need to do to develop number sense before children can perform basic adding and subtracting. And guess what! A number line allows us to get in number sense practice and it can be easily differentiated. We can think on it, show our thinking on it and use it to reveal the big ideas behind the math. 
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Number Sense Practice Using Base Ten Blocks

Our number system is all about the 10’s. And Base Ten Blocks provide a visual model of this. 

Base Ten Blocks provide hands-on ways to learn place value, number concepts, operations, measurement, and much more! They provide children a physical representation of what they’re learning. And with this representation, they can develop a deeper understanding of place value and basic operations. By building number combinations with Base Ten Blocks, students can slowly come to grasps with concepts like regrouping and can see how each operation works.
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Number Sense Practice on The Hundreds Chart

We have talked about the number line and how it helps with the concept of sequencing, and how base-10 blocks demonstrate place value…..now we move unto the hundred charts. This tool combines these skills on a larger scale. When you use a hundred chart, children can see a number of lines in groups of 10.

But they can also discover patterns of tens and ones both horizontally and vertically. Those who are able to figure out and grasp these patterns gain a wonderful advantage in learning more advanced math skills.

Using Expanded For To Develop Numer Sense

Expanded form is a wonderful way to take everything they learned above and put it to use. It is breaking down numbers and seeing what each digit is worth. 

The more children play with this concept, the more they will understand place value. 

Also knowing expanded form can help with basic operations. If you have a child that struggles with traditional subtraction, then teaching them partial differences may help…..but knowledge of the value of each digit is needed. 

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