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8 Free Number Matching Worksheets 1-5 | Fun Activities

These number matching worksheets 1-5 will help to visualize and understand number recognition and number systems. Preschooler and kindergarten students will learn the basics of number matching from 1-5 and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable interactive worksheets.

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8 Exciting Number Matching Worksheets 1-5

Please download the following number matching 1-5 worksheets and practice number matching on the pages.

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Count and Match

Worksheet #1

More than One Group

Worksheet #2

Two Choices

Worksheet #3

Count and Color

Worksheet #4

Ten Frame

Worksheet #5

Match and Circle

Worksheet #6

Trace and Match

Worksheet #7

Draw and Match

Worksheet #8

Why are the Number Matching Worksheets Are Helpful?

Numbers are all around us, from the cookies in your jar to the stars in the sky. Learning them doesn’t have to be like flipping through a dull textbook. Number matching worksheets 1-5  are incredibly helpful for young learners for several important reasons:

Visual Learning: Number matching worksheets use visual elements like pictures, shapes, and colors to represent numbers. This visual approach makes it easier for kids to grasp and remember numerical concepts.

Hands-On Learning: These number-matching worksheets 1-5 often require kids to physically connect objects, draw lines, or color shapes, making learning a tactile experience. Hands-on activities help reinforce learning and engage multiple senses.

Counting Practice: Many number-matching worksheets involve counting objects, which is a fundamental math skill. Consistent practice with counting builds a strong foundation for more advanced math concepts.

Attention to Detail: Matching numbers and objects or connecting dots requires careful attention to detail. This helps kids develop focus and concentration, which are valuable skills in both academic and everyday life.

Worksheet for Count and Match to Numbers from 1-5

In this activity, your mission is to match the right number with the corresponding objects. Count each object given on the left column of the worksheet and draw a line to match them with the correct number on the second column.

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Count and Match More than One Group

In this worksheet, you’ll match two groups of objects with a certain number. See the number given in the middle column in the following worksheet. Count the objects in both the first and third columns to see who matches with the certain number. Then, draw a line to match them.

Count and Match Objects with Two Choices

In this activity, you’ll encounter groups of objects, and for each group, you’ll have not one but two choices. You have to pick the right choice that matches the number of objects in the group.

Count and Color Correct Number of Objects

In this exciting activity, you’ll encounter delightful scenes filled with objects, and your task is to count those objects and then add a splash of color. But here’s the catch: You must use the correct number to color each object!

Number Matching Worksheets 1-5 Using Ten Frame

In this activity, our mission is to draw lines to match the correct numbers with the correct ten frames. Coun the black colored dots on each ten frame and match it with the correct number given on the right column.

Match and Circle the Correct Picture

In this worksheet, you will find, some sets of objects in each row. Aside from those objects, you will also find a certain number at the beginning of each line. Now, count those objects and see which set matches the number given as the clue, and circle the set.

Trace and Match Number to Words

In this activity, you’ll be tracing numbers to practice your handwriting skills while also matching them to their corresponding words. It’s a fantastic way to learn the language of numbers and develop your fine motor skills simultaneously. For more practice, you can explore Playdoh Mats for Creating Numbers 0-20 article.

Draw and Match Correct Number

In this worksheet, you’ll be drawing lines to match a certain object from two sets of numbers. Each set of objects is surrounded by two numbers. Count to find how many objects are present in each group and match it with the correct number.

After completing these number matching worksheets 1-5, you can go through my other article Recognising Numbers to 20 Worksheet from this website. 

Download the Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed some interesting activities through these number matching worksheets 1-5  using the concepts of matching objects, connecting dots, solving puzzles, tracing numbers, matching ten frames, and coloring by numbers. Hopefully, the worksheets have given you a clear idea about this topic. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of number matching.

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