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8 Free Counting Worksheets 1–20

These counting worksheets 1–20 will help to visualize and understand place value and number systems. 1st-grade students will learn basic counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable counting worksheets 1–20.

8 Exciting counting worksheets 1–20

Please download the following counting worksheets 1–20 and practice counting on the pages.

counting worksheet 1-20

Count and Write

Worksheet #1

Forward and Backward Counting

Worksheet #2

Count and Circle

Worksheet #3

Count and Color

Worksheet #4

Choose Correct Number

Worksheet #5

Ten Frames

Worksheet #6

Counting and Matching

Worksheet #7

Missing Numbers

Worksheet #8

Worksheet for Counting and Writing Numbers upto 20 

The first worksheet contains a lot of elements. Count the elements and write the number of them. The first one has been done for your convenience.

Worksheet for Practicing Forward and Backward Counting upto 20 

In this worksheet, count the numbers forward and backward where the hints are given on the first page.  On the other hand, there will be no hints for the students on the second page. Forward counting is the practice of continuously counting up. Backward counting is counting up or backward by chanting the numbers.

Count and Circle Elements upto 20 

Follow the steps to solve the worksheet.

  • First, read the question where the number of circling elements is given.
  • Next, circle the mentioned elements from the set of elements.

Worksheet for Count and Color upto 20 

In this worksheet, the number of elements and a number are mentioned. Look at the number and color the elements according to their number.

Worksheet for Choosing the Correct Number from 1-20 

This worksheet contains a lot of elements. Follow the steps to solve the worksheet.

  • Count the elements.
  • The numbers are written in a row. 
  • Choose the correct number.

Worksheet for Counting upto 20 with Ten Frames 

There are two ten frames to count to 20. One of the ten frames is fully filled with objects. The second frame also contains some objects but is not filled. Now add up the objects and write the summation.

Worksheet for Counting and Matching upto 20 

This worksheet provides many elements with their numbers or corresponding objects. But they are not in the right place. Find the correct number of elements and match them with the corresponding objects.

Worksheet for Identifying Missing Numbers upto 20

This worksheet contains numbers with gaps. Complete the gaps by finding the missing numbers. To solve the problem, see what number is written. Count from 1 to 50 while placing your fingers on each place one by one. When you come across an empty place, write down the number that you just counted.

Download Free Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed counting worksheets 1–20 using the concepts of backward and forward counting, filling the gaps, matching, and identifying. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of counting.

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