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Missing Addend with Fractions | Free Printables


I love fractions and love teaching them. Fractions are hands-on and so much fun to teach.

And today we’ll look at finding Missing Addend with Fractions. It’s a fun way to learn about missing addends when working with fractions.

Finding the Missing Addend with Fractions

6 Interesting Ideas for Finding the Missing Addend with Fractions

Before beginning any form of practice, children must understand and visualize finding the missing addend with fraction problems they are working on. Let’s begin!

Color a Butterfly!

The colors and the fact that they were in the form of a butterfly were both admired by my kids. A stunning visual reminder, indeed. When I was demonstrating this method for adding fractions, I found it to be very helpful.

Using butterfly method to know Missing Addend with Fractions

Gummy Bear Is Missing!

Who doesn’t have gummy bears in their home?  

We can use them for teaching our kids. I have 10 gummy bears, and I ask my younger one to pick one and the older one to pick three. If they solve the addend fraction correctly, they can have it; otherwise, they will lose.  

using gummy bear to find Missing Addend with Fractions

Boom Cards

The BOOM Cards are ideal for use in the classroom as a math center activity, a small group exercise, or even for the entire class. Our students will be taught step-by-step through the process of solving addition fraction problems with various denominators using these Adding Fractions with Opposite Denominators Boom Cards.

Our kids will have further results showing how to add fractions with different denominators by learning how to determine the common denominator. Our kids may practice finding the common denominator and adding two fractions with the help of these exciting and interactive digital activity cards.

Firstly, the students multiply both the denominator and numerator with their opposite fraction’s denominator.

Here 1 and 2 both are multiplied by 3 and then 1 and 3 both are multiplied by 2. After that, the fractions will be 3/6 and 2/6. Then we will add the new fractions and get the answer.

using boom card to find Missing Addend with Fractions

Who Want the Bigger Slice?

A great way to learn fractions is by using pizza, which is everyone’s favorite food. This pizza addend fraction game is so enjoyable for a young child’s added fractions. I serve them a pizza of eight pieces and ask for four and one pieces, respectively, and then add them.

What is the answer to the addend fraction?

using pizza to find Missing Addend with Fractions

Dominoes Game Challenge

Put the dominoes face down on the table and mix them up. Each player takes two dominoes for a game with more than three players.

Each player displays their two dominoes and adds the fractions as shown in the photos.

using dominoes to find Missing Addend with Fractions

Who Wants Ice Cream?

There are no children who don’t love ice cream. Right? I set up a game like the given photo. I write two fractions, one in the cone and another in a scoop of ice cream.

Then I ask them to add the fraction and find the missing fraction, which is another scoop of ice cream.

finding the correct answer to know Missing Addend with Fractions

Download Free Printables PDF

I discussed a variety of assignments that required finding the Missing Addend with Fractions issues in previous discussions. I’m hoping that by engaging in these activities, young Champ can develop their problem-solving skills. The few exercises are listed below.


Please download the attached pdf. Have a wonderful day!





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