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10 Real Life Examples of Acute Angles in the Home | Free Printable

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An angle is a shape created by two rays or lines that meet at the same endpoint, or terminal. We can call the endpoint or terminal the vertex, and the two rays the arms of that angle. We can measure an angle either in degrees or in radians. In this discussion, you will find some real-life examples of acute angles in the home. 

Explaining Parts of Angles

Now, why are we giving geometric definitions in terms of real-life examples? Because we can relate various geometric terms to our daily lives. such as the doors and windows of your house, which are of rectangular shapes. Also, the sun and the moon are circular shapes. Can you find the shapes of angels in real life?

If you don’t, don’t worry. In the following section, we will find some real-life examples of acute angles in the home. So, without hesitation, let’s start our journey.

What Is an Acute Angle?

In the previous section, you saw the definition and formation of an angle. Angles can be classified into different categories based on their measurement. Acute angles, right angles, and obtuse angles are some of the types.

Let’s discuss these types in the following. An angle that is less than 90° is called an acute angle. The right angle means an angle that is equal to 90°. An angle that is bigger than a right angle or 90° is called an obtuse angle. The following figure will help you in this regard.

Explaining Different Angles

Other than the above three, there are also straight angles, reflex angles, and complete angles.

10 Real-Life Examples of Acute Angles in the Home

In the following section, you will find 10 real-life examples of acute angles in the home. All these examples are very familiar to you. You will be surprised to see the acute angles in those examples.

So, without further delay, we are starting our main discussion.

Example 1: Let’s Start the House Tour to Find Acute Angle

Come out of your house and see the shape and design of your house. Does your house have triangular-shaped frames in the upper part of its outside area? If the answer is yes, then those shapes are the perfect example of acute angles.

Acute Angle Shaped Rooftop

Example 2: Take Your Notebook and Pencil to See Acute Angle

Let’s start with some simple examples. Take your notebook. Slightly open it. What are you seeing? An acute angle is formed after opening the notebook slightly. Now grab your pencils to draw some acute angle shapes. Wait. Can you see it? Yes, the tip of the pencil along with the body also creates an acute angle.

Books and Pencil Tips in Acute Angle Shape

Example 3: Draw Some Letters with Acute Angles

After taking both the notebook and the pencil, it’s time to draw some characters. These characters include letters and numbers. Open an empty page in your notebook and draw the letters A, K, M, N, W, and V.

Notice these letters carefully. You will see one acute angle in V, two in N, and three in A, K, M, and W. After that, draw the number 7. Can you see any acute angles? Yes, there is one.

Example of Acute Angle Shaped Letters

Example 4: Cut and Staple to See Acute Angle

As the drawing is finished, let’s take a pair of scissors and cut these shapes to staple them into your drawing book. Wait a minute. Have you seen the scissors carefully? When slightly opened, the two sides of the scissors create an acute angle into their inside edge. Again, notice the stapler you are holding. One acute angle is made on its outside edge and the other is on its inside edge.

Scissors and Staplers Opened in Acute Angle Shape

Example 5: Acute Angle with Pizza, Pie, and Watermelon

Feeling hungry? Let’s make pizza. After making it you have to slice the pizza. Want to see magic? If you cut your pizza into 5 or more slices, then each of the slices will produce an acute angle at their edges.

Pizza and Pie Cut in Acute Angle Shape

If pizza isn’t your favorite, then don’t get disheartened. The following examples are just for you. Do you love to eat pie or watermelon? Or both? If your answer is yes, then go through the following discussion. Take a big, circular portion of a watermelon and make eight triangular slices from it. You can either do this trick on a circular-shaped pie. Tada! Each piece of pie and watermelon is at an acute angle at the edge.

Apart from that, if you cut a loaf of bread diagonally, you will see two acute angles in the newly formed loaf.

Watermelon and Sandwich Slice of Acute Angle Shape

Example 6: What Time Is It to See Acute Angle in Watch

Can you tell me the time by your watch? What time is it? 11:00 AM. Did you notice any angle between the hour and minute dials? Yes, there is an angle formed between these two hands, and it is an acute angle. When it is 10, 11, 1, or 2 o’clock on your watch, the angles between the two dials are acute angles.

Acute Angle Shaped Clock Position

Example 7: Sit and Open Your Geometry Box to Find Acute Angle

After finishing your eating, go back to your reading room and sit on your chair. Have you noticed the structure of your chair? Every part that has connected the wheels to the main body of your chair, is making an acute angle at their junction.

Acute Angle Shaped Chair Base

Now, after sitting on the chair, open your geometry box. Take three instruments from there. The compass, the divider, and the set square. Slightly move one arm of the compass. You can see, an angle will be formed after moving the arm. Here, the angle created will be an acute angle. Do the same experiment with the divider, and the result will be the same. In the case of the set square, see the edges of each instrument.

Can you notice something familiar? Yes, at the three edges, three acute angles can be seen.

Set Square and Compasses in Acute Angle Shape

Example 8: Hang Your Clothes and See Acute Angle

Can you help your mother hang the coats on the coat hanger? That’s so nice of you. But before hanging, look at the hangers carefully. Did you notice that? Yes, two acute angles are formed on the inside edge of the left and right side of the hanger.

You can also look at the cloth hanging from your house. You will notice an acute angle at the tip of the clip.

Coat Hanger and Clips of Acute Angle Shape

Example 9: Phone or Laptop with Acute Angle

Now that it is the era of smartphones, folding phones are one of the classiest smartphones. These folding phones are also a great example of an acute angle. How? Just fold the screen of the phone slightly, but do not completely fold it.

Thus, a little triangle shape can be seen, and boom. We can see the acute angle at the center of the upper and lower parts of the phone. You can do the same experiment and find an acute angle with your father’s laptop.

Mobile and Laptop Opened in Acute Angle Position

Example 10: Put Out the Fire with Acute Angle

Though we don’t want any mishaps, we are just making an example of an acute angle through this last discussion. When a fire breaks out, our first duty is to go to a safe place and ensure the safety of others. To mitigate the fire, we must have fire extinguishers in our houses. Now, if you have one in your house, look at the handles of the extinguisher carefully. The handles make a perfect acute angle.

Fire Extinguisher Tip of Acute Angle Shape

7 Examples of Acute Angle Shapes in Our Daily Life

You can say from the heading, what is the need for this separate section? Let us explain it to you. All the above examples are of acute angles in our home. But the following section will provide some insights into the acute angles that we see in our daily lives. We hope you will be with us as we explore the following details.

Example 1: Trees and Acute Angle

Isn’t it amazing when the wind blows and the branches of the trees also move? Branches. The branches are connected to the wooden body of a tree and often to each other. If you notice the connection point of the branches, you will notice several acute angles there.

Acute Angle Shaped Tree Branches

Example 2: Birds and Beaks with Acute Angle

The second example is also related to a tree. Trees are the homes of various kinds of birds. Have you ever noticed the beaks of the birds? If you notice them carefully, you will find an acute angle at the tip of the beak. Also, when they open their beaks slightly, the open formation also creates an acute angle.

Bird's Beak Creates Acute Angle at the Tip

Example 3: Crocodile Snout in Acute Angle

The crocodile can also be used as our acute angle example. See the snout of the crocodile in the following figure. The snout is creating an acute angle in its inside edge after slightly opening.

Crocodile Snout Has Acute Angle Shape

Example 4: Acute Angle and Road Sign

While going to school or somewhere else, you may have seen some signs on the road. These signs indicate various instructions related to our destination. Like when turning is prohibited or how much distance is left to our destination etc. Notice the edges of this road sign and you will find one acute angle on each edge.

Acute Angle Shaped Road Sign

Example 5: Ice Cream and Acute Angle

Who doesn’t love to eat ice cream? A chilled and cold ice cream on a hot summer day is all we need. My favorite is the cone ice cream. Have you noticed the lower part of a cone of ice cream? Does it ring any bells? Yes. The lower part of the cone of ice cream forms an acute angle.

Ice Cream Cone with Acute Angle

Example 6: Acute Angle with Arrow and Bow

Archery is a fun game. It requires patience and integrity to focus your aim and control your energy to shoot the arrow. Have you carefully noticed the tip of the arrow? Isn’t there a nice little acute angle on the tip? If you haven’t noticed yet, do it today.

Acute Angle Shaped Arrow Tip

Example 7: Acute Angle and Park

Are you tired of finding all of these examples? Keep aside all of these and let’s go to the park for some refreshments. Here you will notice several examples of acute angles around you. The legs of the swing on both sides have a common end. There is an acute angle formed on both ends. Also, the slipper is producing an acute angle at the joining point of the stair and the slide.

Acute Angle in the Park

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In the above discussion, I have discussed some examples of  acute angles in the home. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of acute angles examples problems.

The free examples of acute angles in the home pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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