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12 Examples of Obtuse Triangle in Real Life | Free Worksheet

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Do you know about triangles? If you don’t, do not worry. We are here to give you insight into it. Today we have brought you some exciting examples of obtuse triangle in real life.

We can define a triangle as an area surrounded by three sides. These three sides will be connected to one another at their endpoints. These connected endpoints create the angle of the triangle.

Look at the following image. Here, you will see different parts of a triangle.

Explaining Different Parts of a Triangle

What Is Obtuse Triangle?

We know a triangle contains three sides and three angles. So, triangles can be classified based on both sides and angles.

Obtuse triangles fall inside the angle-based classification. As we know, there can be three types of angles inside a triangle: acute, right-angle, and obtuse.

So, what is an obtuse angle? When an angle is bigger than 90° (the right angle) and less than 180°, it is called an obtuse angle. And a triangle with an obtuse angle is called an obtuse triangle.

See the following image for a better understanding. Before starting the main discussion, remember that in a triangle there can be only one obtuse angle.

Explaining Triangles Based on Angles

12 Examples of Obtuse Triangle in Real Life

In the following section, you will find twelve examples of obtuse triangle in real life. All these examples are very familiar to you. You will be surprised to see the obtuse triangles in those examples. So, without further delay, we are starting our main discussion.

Triangular Rooftops

The first example of this type of triangle will be the triangular rooftops on various houses. This type of roof forms an obtuse angle to move away the excess water or snow on the roof from rain or snowfall.

Rooftops as Example of Obtuse Triangle

Obtuse Triangle in Pizza Slice

We have seen the acute angle example with a pizza slice. But we can also create obtuse angles with it. Take a pizza and make a total of 3 or 5 slices of it. Not more than 5, if you want to see the desired shape. Now closely look at the newly formed triangular-shaped pizza slices. They have all created an obtuse angle inside each of them.

Obtuse Triangle Shaped Pizza Slices

Obtuse Triangle in Mobiles and Laptops

Folding Mobiles and laptops are also good examples of an obtuse triangle. Unfold the screen of the mobile or laptop completely. There, you will see a newly formed triangle. In the triangle, you will see an obtuse angle between the base of the mobile or laptop and the screen.

Mobile and Laptop Shaped As Obtuse Triangle

Obtuse Triangle in Staircase and Recliners

The staircase in your house creates an obtuse triangle on its outside edge. See the following image for better insight.

Obtuse Triangle Formed Under Staircase

Also, the recliners in your house or movie theater or the beach chair on the beach also create an obtuse triangle.

Recliners and Deck Chairs as Obtuse Triangle

Obtuse Triangle in English Alphabets

Some English alphabets take on the shape of an obtuse angle automatically. For example, the letter K forms an obtuse triangle on its right side. The letters X and Y form two obtuse triangles at both of their left and right sides.

Example of Obtuse Triangle in Alphabets

Obtuse Triangle in Doors and Windows

Sometimes, the wall alongside the door is not in a right angle position with the door frame; rather, the walls are in a 180° position with the frame. Now, open this type of door as wide as you can, and this will form two obtuse triangles.

Open Doors in Obtuse Triangle Shape

Obtuse Triangle Formed by Hands of Clocks

The clock hands can create obtuse triangles based on their position. See the following clocks in the image. The clocks show the time as 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 10:15 PM, and 2:45 PM. Because of the positions of the hour dial and minute dial at those times, they create an obtuse triangle.

Clock Time Creating Obtuse Triangle

Obtuse Triangle in Park Slides

When you go to play in a park, if the park has a playground slide, you can see obtuse triangles there. See the following image. Two obtuse triangles can be formed on the slide. One on the edge of the stairs, and the other one on the sidebar.

Obtuse Triangles in Parks

Obtuse Triangle in Hockeystick

You can also see an obtuse triangle on a hockey stick. See the following image. An obtuse triangle can be formed between the hosel and the blade.

Hockey Stick Edge as Obtuse Triangle Shape

Obtuse Triangle in Scissors

Open a scissor completely. See the triangle formed between the two blades? The angle formed in the middle is an obtuse angle. So, the formed angle is definitely an obtuse angle.

Opening Scissors in Obtuse Triangle Shape

Obtuse Triangle in Fans and Windmills

The triangle formed between the blades of a fan or a windmill is also an obtuse angle. See the following image for more details.

Obtuse Trainagle Shaped Fan Blades

Obtuse Triangle in Coat Hangers

Our last example related to an obtuse triangle is a coat hanger. The angle formed on the upper part of the hanger is an obtuse angle, thus making the triangle an obtuse one.

Coat Hanger Obtuse Triangle

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In the above discussion, I have discussed some examples of the obtuse triangle in real life. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of obtuse triangle examples.

The free examples of the obtuse triangle in real life pdf are available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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