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-nk Sound Words

The “nk” sound at the end of words can be challenging for some readers. But these nk clip cards are a fun way to practice reading nk words.

Trying saying the sounds for “n” and “k” together. Not the easiest sound to say. And if it isn’t easy to say, that makes it even harder for our little ones to read.

words and pictures that end in nk sound

That means, we have to give our little readers extra practice with this fun ending blend. And that is what these “nk” ending blend clip cards are designed to do.

-nk Words Activity

Clip cards require a little bit of cutting, but I love how they can be used over and over again.

  1. First, print them off on cardstock paper. I’ve found if I use regular paper, the cards get ripped and messed up easily. And this is especially true if you have a child that needs to develop better fine motor skills. They are trying so hard to get the clip on, that the paper gets a little mangled in the process.
  2. Next, cut them out.
  3. Finally, gather up some clothes pins and you are ready to go.

-NK Blends

Now it is time to practice saying and reading words that end with “nk”!

But before we jump in, you may want to warn your child or one irrugulartiy with these “nk” words.

Write out the words bank, sank, tank, thank, and drank on a piece of paper or white board. Read them out loud to your little one and ask them if they notice anything about the vowel sound. Hopefully, they notice that the “a” is making a “long a” sound.

Then write out words like….

  • think and sink
  • honk and monk
  • dunk and junk

Once again, read the words and ask them what they notice with the vowel sound. Did they see that the “i”, “o”, and “u” all make the short sound next to the “nk”.

Once that quick lesson is taught. Let you little ones read the words on the clip cards and place a clothes pin underneath the picture that matches the word.

And just like that, your little ones get some great practice reading “nk” ending blend words.

I hope you enjoy this free clip card activity to practice the NK sound. There’s a lot you can do with it, even rhyming!

-nk Words Activity

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