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10+ Free Measurement Puzzle Worksheet Pages | Fun Activities

This measurement puzzle worksheet will help the students become familiar with different measurement tools. They will also understand the proper use of different measurement instruments and get a basic idea about which tool is needed for different measurements.

5 Measurement Puzzle Worksheet

We have attached 5 different kinds of worksheets such as comparative puzzles, matching puzzles, cut and paste games, multiple choice, and interactive word problems.

measurement puzzle worksheet

Comparative Puzzles

Worksheet #1

Matching Puzzles

Worksheet #2

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #3

Multiple Choice

Worksheet #4

Word Problem

Worksheet #5

Comparative Measurement Puzzle Worksheets

In this worksheet, we provide some measurement-related comparative puzzles. Like which one is the largest or smallest, which one shows the greater values etc.

Practice this measurement puzzle worksheet for comparison by downloading the free PDF.

Matching Measurement Puzzle Worksheets

The students need to match the measurement tools with their measuring objects in this worksheet. Like a ruler will measure a pencil’s length. So, we will match the ruler with the pencil.

This is the matching measurement puzzle. Give them to the kids for practice.

Measurement Puzzle with Cut and Paste Game

Here we add some interactive cut-and-paste games where you need to cut the objects and stick them under their corresponding measurement tools.

Here is the PDF of the measurement puzzle worksheet for the cut-and-paste type.

Multiple Choice on Measurement Puzzle Worksheets

This measurement puzzle worksheet contains some free and engaging multiple-choice questions where the students need to the correct measuring tools for each question.

Word Problems on Measurement Puzzle

These interactive word problems will help the students acquire the basic solutions for measurement and also get them used to solve measurement-related problems.

Here is the PDF for the measurement puzzle worksheet on word problems. Practice them to become a master at this skill.

Download Practice Worksheet PDF

This is the combination of all the worksheets.

So, these are our PDFs for the measurement puzzle worksheet. Hope, these free printable pages will help the students to obtain preliminary knowledge of measurement and measurement tools in an engaging way. Please, download these free PDFs and give them to the students for practice. 

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