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Your children with love this Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers activity. These bright colorful flower puzzles are a fun way to practice this skill. 

A friend gave me a beautiful pot of flowers. The pot was adorable and the flower bright and colorful. I love them, but I’m not the best a keeping them alive. Yesterday, they were drooping over and I’m hoping some more water and sunshine will revive them.

But since there is no guarantee that I can keep this flower alive, I’ve created fun flower puzzles It’s a Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Activity.


It took me about five minutes to have this activity ready for my son.

  1. First, I printed the puzzles off on card stock paper and the record sheet on regular paper.
  2. Next, I cut them out. (You could also laminate after this for extra durability. 
  3. My oldest grabbed a pencil and we were ready to go.

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Activity

Now the fun begins!

It is time to put the puzzles back together. And before I began, I showed my oldest two ways to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. 

Drawing Models

Now, I don’t want him to do this every time he solves one of these problems, but I wanted him to see what he was doing. 

We began by looking at the fraction 15/2. We talked about the fact that this shows that each whole would have two equal parts and that we would have 15 parts. 

Next, we drew it out. 

When you do this you end up with seven wholes and 1/2. Therefore, the answer is 7 1/2.


The other method I showed him is division. We discussed how the denominator works as the divisor and the numerator is the dividend (the number being divided up)….and then we tried it out.

16 divided by 3 equals five with one left over. 

Soooo our answer is 5 1/3. The denominator does not change, it still takes three to make a whole, and the remainder just tells me that I have one out of the three needed to make a whole!

That is it. Enjoy putting the puzzles together and working on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. 

You’ve Got This,


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