24 Gum Drop STEM Activities: Free Printable

Gum Drops and STEM

Despite different messaging and a lot of progress in teaching kids science and math, sometimes when you mention either, it brings anxiety to some kids. Lots of old stigmas exist–like the ones that science and math are always hard and never fun.

Science and math absolutely can be fun. And what better way to make it more fun than to introduce….candy! These free Gum Drop STEM activities are sure to engage all learners.

These STEM cards will challenge your children to build Gum Drop Structures. Half of the STEM cards have a Christmas Theme, while the others focus on shapes.

These STEM cards will challenge your children to build Gum Drop Structures. Half of them have a Christmas Theme, while the others focus on shapes.

I have found that gumdrops are easier to find for purchase around the holidays.

Ok, so time for a little honesty. I love STEM projects. I know they are very good for my children’s development. And I also understand that the thought process involved in STEM challenges will help my children in future employment.

With gum drops and toothpicks, you can build numerous structures.

But I also hate anything that creates big messes. You know, the kind that once the fun is over I get left to clean up.

If I’m being honest, I don’t do them as much as I should.

Geometry can be introduced and practiced using gum drop stem challenges.

Easy Gum Drop Activities

When I decided that I would be including a STEM project in my Seven Days of Math Printables, I knew I wanted it to include just a few easy supplies and would not create a huge mess.

So this is what came out. A project that only includes two materials and all that you have left to clean up is toothpicks and wiping the sugar off the table. Though I recommend that you make sure you get ALL the toothpicks off the floor.

With just a little imagination and some gumdrops and toothpicks, you can build anything from a gumdrop Christmas tree to a gumdrop truss bridge and so much more.

From experience, it really hurts if you step on one while you are barefoot. It will also be expensive if your dog eats one.

Gumdrops and STEM

If I’m being honest, I really don’t like gumdrops. Or, I should say, I don’t like spicy ones. The spicy ones may serve as a deterrent to the students eating the STEM challenge instead of building gumdrop structures.

I prefer the fruity ones.


You can also wait until after the holidays when stuff like this is on sale for much cheaper.

Gum Drops Structures

You only need three things for this fun STEM project. The free printable Gum Drop STEM activities, gum drops, and toothpicks.

  1. Print the Gum Drop Structures cards on cardstock and cut out
  2. Gather up toothpicks and Gum Drops

Challenge the Gum Drop Activities

Once the cards are cut out, and the supplies gathered, it is time for some fun. And learning, but don’t tell the kids that!

  1. First, pass out a card to each student.
  2. Next, hand out the building materials.
  3. Now, let them be creative and see what they create.
  4. Finally, let them show off their creations.

Depending on how much adult assistance you have, sometimes I’ve had small groups race to see how many of the gum drop activities they could complete accurately within a given time frame.

This is a square pyramid one of my boys created.

A gum drop and toothpick prism? Why not?

A snowflake

Think of all the creative ways that kids can make a snowflake.

and last but not least, a sled.

Try this and 23 other gum drop STEM activities, all on the free printable.

I hope your kiddos enjoy creating Gum Drop Structures as much as we did!

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