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FREE Clip Cards For Different Types Of Triangles

Your students will love these FREE clip cards for different types of triangles. Have them recognize and name scalene, isosceles, equilateral, right, obtuse and acute triangles. This week my son was introduced to triangles. Ok, he has known what a triangle is for a very...
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FREE Clip Cards For Measuring Angles Practice

Your children will love measuring angles with these fun clip cards. Grab these 20 clip cards today and get in some angle measuring practice. After doing a standardized test, I made some changes regarding his math time. Even though he was working in a book...
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FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

Your kids will enjoy this long division practice. The Saint Patrick’s day puzzles add a little fun while practicing long division.   It has been a slow process for us, but I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. He is going to master...
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