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5 Fun Fractions to Decimals Game | Free Printables

It’s very cold outside. The schools are closed because of the cold. My children have become bored.

I’m thinking of doing some fun and engaging math activities that will help them with math while also allowing them to enjoy doing the problems. Their knowledge of converting fractions to decimals, in particular, is lacking. 

So I prepare the Fractions to Decimals Game in a way that helps convert fractions to decimals. First, I will explain to them how to convert fractions to decimals.

fractions to decimals game overview

How to Turn a Fraction into a Decimal

When we’re looking for how to turn a fraction into a decimal, what we need to do is simply divide the numerator by the denominator. There’s nothing more to it! The rules are given below.

rule 1 of turning Fractions into Decimals _02

Rule 2 is given below.

rule 2 of turning Fractions into Decimals

Here is another rule!

rule 3 of turning Fractions into Decimals

Last but not least rule of fractions to decimals.

rule 4 of turning Fractions into Decimals

5 Fun Fractions to Decimals Games

Choosing our strategy for playing these games with our kids is important. The activities can lead to further in-depth conversations if we already have a math lover.  Regardless of how we go about it, the five actions listed below will make arithmetic more exciting and relevant.

Match Chart and Convert Fraction to Decimals

Children learn about early representation and problem-solving thanks to the visual memory, discrimination, and pattern and relationship recognition that are involved. 

Activities that include matching and sorting might be beneficial for improving fine motor skills. We can set up the game this way, as shown in the photo.  Parents give their children two charts and instruct them to write the serial number on the correct answer.

match the fractions to decimals

Choose the Correct Fractions to Decimals Answer

Choosing is the best way to take a memory test. We ask them a question and write down four different decimal numbers.  Then the students will choose the correct answer through the necessary calculation.

Choosing the correct fractions to decimals

Card War Game to Learn Fractions to Decimals

My children love competing with each other. I made some cards and wrote fractional numbers on them. Then ask one of them to pick one card and give the correct decimal number of that fraction.

After that, the second one will play the game, and it continues until one wins the game.

Playing card game to convert fractions to decimals

Dice Game to Learn Fractions to Decimals

Who doesn’t enjoy rolling the dice? right? Dice games are more than just a fun way to kill time. There are several advantages to dice games for kids.

These games will introduce kids to the joys of chance, let them practice their arithmetic calculation skills, and enhance their hand-eye coordination and visual awareness. Kids’ social skills will also develop while they are having fun with dice games.

They will need to develop their patience, turn-taking, and sportsmanlike behavior!  This dice-rolling game is so easy.

There will be two players. The first player will roll the dice and get a faction, then put his marble on the board where decimal numbers are written.  After that, the second one will continue this process. Whoever arrives at the finish line first wins.

Rolling dice to convert fractions to decimals

Challenge Your Buddy in a Fractions to Decimals Puzzle Game!

Puzzle games improve visual-spatial reasoning and increase IQ. Kids are fond of solving puzzle games. Let’s make a puzzle challenge for the children.

First, give some cards to children and ask them to cut them into different shapes like triangles, circles, squares, etc.

Then parents or teachers write fractions and decimal numbers in them and mix them well.

The next person has to come and pick up a piece of paper, find its decimal number, and find the other part of the card where that decimal value is written. She’ll then fix it and make that shape. Now it’s the second one’s turn. It will continue till all the shapes are fixed.

puzzle game to convert fractions to decimals

Download Free Printable PDF

Math is so much fun when kids are creating, and exploring it. Use these fun activities as you look for free worksheets on fractions to decimals game!

Download the printable PDF and practice the fractions to decimals game with the children.


You have got this!

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