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FREE No-Prep Adding By 10 Game

This simple, no-prep game is an easy way to practice adding by 10 with two-digit numbers. Only one page to print and you are ready to go! Talk to anyone who is good at doing mental math. Ask them how they solve addition problems, and...
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Two Simple Measurement Word Problems Worksheets

These simple measurement word problems will help children practice solving measurement problems they may face in real life situations. Word Problems! Most children just don’t like them, but they are an important part of math time. And let’s face it….they are real life. As adults,...
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Eight FREE Decomposing Numbers to 10 Worksheets

Grab your conversation hearts for manipulatives and have some fun with these decomposing numbers to 10 worksheets. By using different colors of the number bond printable, children will figure out the decomposition of numbers less than 10. Click on the green button at the bottom...
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