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5 Free Making 10 on a Ten Frame Worksheet

Imagine a world where numbers are alive, dance, and interact with one another. We have a unique friend in this magical world called the making 10 on a ten frame worksheet, a clever tool that makes it very exciting for us to learn numbers.

As we explore making 10 on a ten-frame worksheet, come along on an exciting math adventure. 

5 Exciting Making 10 on a Ten Frame Worksheet 

Children will learn how to make 10 on a ten-frame worksheet.

These activities will exercise kids’ math skills and get them ready for addition fundamentals. These worksheets have the concept of an easy way to make 10 on a ten-frame worksheet because it is so essential. You can find 3 fun activities relating to making 10 on a ten-frame worksheet in the discussion. You must approach each of the activities differently in order to complete them. So let’s get started!

Download the following worksheets and practice more.

making 10 on a ten frame

One Addend Missing

Worksheet #1
Worksheet #2

Both Addends Missing

Worksheet #3
Worksheet #4

Count and Color

Worksheet #5

Worksheet for Making 10 on a Ten Frame with One Addend Missing

A ten Frame is a rectangular grid with 10 squares organized in two rows of five. It’s a visual representation of the numbers from 1 to 10. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make 10 on a ten frame:

  • Choose a number less than 10 as your starting point. Let’s say you choose 4.
  • Place four blocks in the shade of blue in the first row of the ten frames. This represents your starting number.
  • Look at how many spaces are left in the first row. In this case, there are two empty spaces.
  • To make 10, you need to fill the remaining spaces in the first row and the entire second row. Add six more blocks in the shade yellow to fill these spaces.
  • Count all the blocks on the ten frame – you now have 10!

Worksheet for Making 10 on a Ten Frame with Both Addends Missing

The goal is to find two numbers that, when added together, make a total of 10. These two numbers will be represented by the counters on the ten frames. 

  • Begin with an empty ten frame. You have two rows, and each row can hold up to five counters.
  •  Start by placing counters in the first row. Place counters in a way that helps you keep track of the empty spaces in each row.
  • Count the number of empty spaces in the first row. Let’s say there are 3 empty spaces. Fill those empty spaces with counters.
  • Now, count the total number of counters in both rows. This will be your missing addend. If you placed 3 counters in the first row, you would need 7 counters in the second row to make a total of 10.

Worksheet for Counting and Coloring to Make 10 on a Ten Frame

In this worksheet, kids will add the numbers to make an addition of 10 on a ten frame. After that, they will color the frame. For example, if a student wants to choose the first number as 4 and the second as 6, which both make 10, he or she will color the 4 frames a fine pink shade and the other 6 frames a fine green shade.

Download Free Worksheet

Each making 10 on a ten frame worksheet is designed to gradually increase in complexity, providing you with ample practice and reinforcement. From simple to larger, you’ll encounter a variety of scenarios that will sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

These making 10 on a ten frame worksheet will be your trusted companions for your youngsters.

Download the free Making 10 on a ten frame worksheet and enjoy it with your kids.

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