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Round to Nearest Tenth

Learning to round to nearest tenth using number lines is easy with these interactive notebooks. The activities take children step-by-step through how to round, and then allow them to practice with problems and then word problems.

Ever heard the chant 1 through 4, stay on the floor, 5 through 9, climb the vine?

It is an adorable chant that is perfect for helping our kiddos remember what to do when rounding, but if all they do is recite the rhyme then there is a problem.

For students to be successful at anything they have to understand the why, and using number lines while teaching rounding is perfect for just that.

Rounding on a number line is a very visual way of rounding. It isn’t just learning a rule, but it is seeing it in action.

This rounding pack has numerous activities for helping your children master rounding using a number line.

Rounding to nearest tenth worksheets with a marker.

Rounding To Ten with Number Lines – Step-by-Step Directions

To begin with, have your children or students grab their math journals and start the “teaching” portion. If you are teaching in a classroom, I highly recommend pulling small groups to do the teaching part.

Have the children glue the interactive notes and step-by-step instructions into their notebooks.

Rounding to nearest tenth worksheets with a marker.

I love using interactive notes, especially when teaching a method that parents may not be familiar with. Not only do my students have a resource on how to round, but the parents also have it too.

Anyway, glue it in and begin working through it with your small group.

They begin by finding the two tens that a number is between.

Next, they put those two numbers on a number line.

Now, they add the number they are rounding to the number line.

Finally, they draw an arrow to the closest 10.

Rounding to the Nearest 10 Practice Time

The next day, review the notes with your students and then have them do the arrow page. Or you can go digital and use Google Slides for practice.

With the printable, students cut out the arrows and then solve the problem on the number line.

On the digital component, children will drag the correct tens on the number line, type in the number in the middle, and finally type in the number they are rounding. Once all that is done, it is easy to see what the answer is. 

Again, keep a close eye on your little ones so they are not practicing it wrong.

Rounding to nearest tenth Google slides.

Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten: Word Problems

Finally, you get to pull out the word problem task cards. I would suggest only doing one a day, though you may be able to get in two.

I would highly recommend requiring students to create an equation, create a model (that would be the number line), and then describe how they solved it.

When doing this, it forces students to slow down and think about the problem and allows you to see who truly understands.

Rounding to nearest tenth word problems filled out with a pink marker.

Rounding to the nearest 10 on a number line is a wonderful way to help our visual learners! And if you are looking for other visual ways, check out how to round to 10 using a hundreds chart.

Rounding to the Nearest 10 Worksheet

Below are the free rounding to the nearest 10 worksheet and google slides. You can download them by clicking on the download button.

Click here to download the Rounding to nearest 10 Google Slides.

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