Add and Subtract Within Five Games | 5 Free Worksheets

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These add and subtract within five games will help to visualize and understand addition and subtraction. With the help of our free printable add and subtract within five games, first-grade students will learn the fundamentals of basic math skills of addition and subtraction.

5 Add and Subtract Within Five Games Worksheets

Please download the following free worksheets. Hopefully, your students will have a sound knowledge of addition and subtraction within five after practicing from the worksheets.

Add and Subtract Within Five Games

Help the Bunny

Worksheet #1

Color by Number

Worksheet #2

Snake Game

Worksheet #3

Match the Answer

Worksheet #4

Bingo Game

Worksheet #5

Help the Bunny in Addition and Subtraction Within Five Games

In this fun game, students will get some equations in the steps of a ladder which, the bunny needs to pass to get the carrot. Your student will solve the equations one by one and help the bunny to proceed. After solving the last equation, the bunny will reach for the carrot.

Color by Number in Addition and Subtraction Within Five Games

You have provided with worksheets to color. All your students need to solve the equations and color the area as mentioned beneath the picture.

Addition and Subtraction Snake Within Five

You will get a worksheet of two pages. Every page consists of 6 snakes containing 6 small equations on each snake body. Make sure that your children can find the equations and solve them.

Match the Answers in Addition and Subtraction Within Five Games

This task is easier. You will find 20 equations per worksheet page. Solve the equations with your child and match the answers by drawing lines.

Add and Subtract Within Five Bingo Game

This is the most interesting game of this article. Print out the worksheets. The first sheet contains a bingo board. The second one contains 40 equations. Gather all your students and make groups. Print out the bingo board for each team. Provide equations from the sheets. The group that can match the highest results with the bingo board within a certain time will win the game.

Download the Free Printable PDF

Download the following worksheet and practice more with your eager students.


So today, we’ve discussed adding and subtracting within five games utilizing the ideas of a bingo game, coloring by number, an addition and subtraction snake game, and helping the bunny. Download our free worksheets, and after using them, learners arithmetic abilities and comprehension of addition and subtraction will undoubtedly improve.

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