12 Free Butterfly Math Worksheets

These butterfly math worksheets will help to visualize and understand number systems. 1st grade students will learn basic math operation methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable butterfly math worksheets.

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12 Exciting Practicing Butterfly Math Worksheets

Please download the following butterfly math worksheets and practice problems on the pages.

Butterfly Math

Tracing Number 1-20

Worksheet #1

Formatting Numbers

Worksheet #2

Comparing Butterflies

Worksheet #3

Counting Butterflies

Worksheet #4

Circle Correct Number

Worksheet #5

Addition Game 

Worksheet #6

Subtraction Game

Worksheet #7

Find Missing Number

Worksheet #8

Skip Counting

Worksheet #9

Matching Game

Worksheet #10

Color by Number

Worksheet #11

Butterfly Coloring Game

Worksheet #12

Tracing Number Butterfly Themed Math Worksheet

Trace the numbers from 1 to 20 by connecting the dots. 

  • Use the arrow as your guide to trace the number as you write in order to write more quickly

Butterfly Themed Formatting Numbers Worksheet

This worksheet is similar to the previous one. Use the dots as your guide to trace the number as you write in order to write more quickly.

Comparing Size of Butterflies Worksheet

Measure each one using snap cubes or paper clips if they have problems identifying the sizes with their eyes alone and arrange them in order from smallest to largest.

Count and Write Number of Butterflies Worksheet

Draw some butterflies.

  • Count them and write the numbers on the right side of the worksheet.

Count and Circle Butterfly Number Worksheet

Draw some butterflies in the worksheet.

  • Count them.
  • Some numbers are written in a row. 
  • Choose the correct number.

Butterfly Addition Game Worksheet

Provide a worksheet with some butterfly addition problems all over it.

  • Count the butterflies and add them.
  • If a problem has between 4 and 5 sets of butterflies with a summation sign, they will count them all and write 9 as the answer.

Butterfly Subtraction Game Worksheet

Now it’s time to do some butterfly subtraction. After solving the problems, write down the results.

Find Missing Numbers in Butterfly Worksheet

Now let’s mix up the entertaining task of finding missing numbers for addition and subtraction. 

They must find the missing number by subtracting the other number next to the sign from the difference or total.

Butterfly Skip Counting Worksheet

Skip counting is the process of counting by repeatedly adding the same number.

One can skip count by any number other than 1, though the most common skip counts are 2, 3, and 10. It involves repeatedly adding the same amount because multiplication is based on repeated addition.

Butterfly Matching Game Worksheet

In this method, match the butterflies with their total number. One has been done for your convenience. 

Color Butterfly by Number Worksheet

 Color the butterfly according to the numbers. A color code is given for each number. Find the color code and color them.

Color Butterfly by Addition and Subtraction Worksheet

A worksheet with many addition and subtraction problems written on it is given.

  • Solve the problems.
  • Then, write the answers.
  • After that, find the color code according to the answers and color that part.


Download Free Printable Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed butterfly math worksheets using the concepts of counting numbers, finding numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of math worksheets.

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