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Color by Number for Preschooler | 7 Color Activities by Number

Fine motor skills are developed through coloring. Color by Number for Preschooler is an excellent way to help children develop fine motor skills, hand strength, and the drawing ability that they begin to develop over time.

By engaging Color by Number for Preschooler  skills, we prepare our children for more lasting writing. Children’s visual perception, or the brain’s capacity to accurately interpret what the eyes see, is developed through contact with and instruction in colors. That’s why I think of playing some exciting Color by Number activities with my preschooler kid.

7 Fun Free Color by Number Activities for Preschoolers 

Our preschoolers are so naughty. Right? Parents are facing many problems trying to teach their children. Color activity is enjoyable for them to draw their attention. They love colors, so they want to draw all the time. So parents can play the game of color to teach them numbers. 7 Fun Free Color by Number Activities for Preschoolers

Color by Number for Preschoolers

Parents ask their kids to find a number on the paper and color it. Color the Number for preschoolers01

Solve this problem too!

Color the Number for preschoolers02

Color the Fish by Number for Preschoolers

My children love drawing. So I give them a card where the fish is already drawn and ask her to color the fish according to its number. Children can learn about various colors and counting numbers in this method. Color the Fish by Number for Preschoolers01

Here is an another exercise for helping the child.

Color the Fish by Number for Preschoolers02  

Color Cake by Number for Preschoolers

This time, I asked her to color the cake according to its number. These kinds of activities are helpful for children to engage with and learn about numbers. Color Cake by Number for Preschoolers01

Another example for the little ones is given below.

Color Cake by Number for Preschoolers 02

Color, Count, and Write by Numbers for Preschoolers

After practicing the above methods, the children learn numbers. That’s why I want to practice counting and writing numbers. It does not only help their counting skills but also enhances their writing capabilities. Color, Count, and Write Numbers for Preschoolers

Color Missing Numbers for Preschoolers

We should try to increase our kids’ knowledge. Finding numbers is the best way to remember numbers. The parents give the children a sheet and ask them to write the missing numbers and color the missing number’s place according to its color. Color Missing Numbers for Preschoolers

Color Puzzle by Number for Preschoolers

After solving the simple number games now it’s time for a little hard challenge.

Playing with puzzles might help kids improve their hand-eye coordination, build up both hand and finger muscles, learn how to solve issues. They also learn to control your anger and use logic. Children become patient.

For example parents make a puzzle game and give their children instructions to solve. Parents draw 3 lines and a home and ask them to color the right path for going to the home. Whoever draws the first and correct line wins and gets the prize. Color Puzzle by number for Preschoolers

Add and Subtract Numbers and Color by Number for Preschoolers

Kids face problems to solve addition and subtraction.

Children may struggle to learn math for a variety of reasons. Problems with a set of more basic concepts than counting or addition and subtraction are a regular occurrence.

These abilities are referred to as “number sense.” It can be challenging to learn addition and subtraction if they have focus issues. By doing the  activity children learn about addition and subtraction. adding and subtraction by number

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children. This free color by number game helps kids with numbers.

 I’m hoping that these activities of color by number for preschoolers can help our kids learn numbers better. Colors make them more engaging and increase their number knowledge. Have a wonderful day!   



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