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Adding within 10 is an important skill littles need to master. These addition activities for kindergarten w/ Valentine Theme are perfect for extra practice.

Adding within 10 is an important skill littles need to master. These addition activities for kindergarten w/ Valentine Theme are perfect for extra practice.


What’s your opinion of Valentine’s Day?

I can honestly say I have never been a big fan. When you are single, it is a great reminder that you are, well single. I guess that bah humbug attitude invaded our marriage life, and it is a still day I can pass on. I’d rather celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

With that said, my kids love Valentine’s Day. So today I’m obliging them with some fun math activities that have lots of hearts and will continue helping them memorize their addition facts within 10.

Here are 5 Valentine’s Day Math Centers for Adding Within 10!

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Expression Sort


Expression sort is a great way to practice solving expressions that are equal 10 or less. I simply cut out the mats and the candy, and let my seven-year-old go. To appeal to his competitive nature, we set a timer and tried to beat his previous time!

My five-year-old gets overwhelmed easily. I only gave him a few mats at a time, and even without the competition, I’m seeing fewer fingers being used to solve problems.

You can get this activity free, by click on “Get your free number sort HERE” which is at the end of the post. 

Adding Mats


If you have children that are struggling with solving expressions when adding within 10, these mats are for them. The children have a visual that will help them add to numbers and come up with an answer.

You can make this incredibly low prep, print out the sheets, and place them in a sheet protector. Then throw in a dry erase marker and you have an easy center that can be done over and over.

Or you can cut out the cards, laminate them, and your center is ready to go.

Spin and Color

Spin and color is another no-prep center. All you need is a pencil, paper clip, and crayons to have this center up and ready to go.

Then the children spin the paper clip and then color in the picture that has an expression that matches what they just spun.

Problem Solving While Adding Within 10


Problem-solving is an essential part of math time, and this printable gets children solving problems in numerous ways.

  1. Children cut out pictures that match the problem and place them in the base ten frame.
  2. They then solve the same problem on the number line.
  3. Next, they use number bonds to work through the problem.
  4. Finally, the children write an equation that matches the word problem.

Game Time


Our last center is a game. My boys love games, and they will play almost any game over and over to see if they can be the winner. This one was no exception.


  1. Cut out the game cards and place in a learning cube.
  2. Gather up game pieces.

How to Play

  1. Children roll the learning cube and solve the expression.
  2. They then find the answer on the game board and move to it.
  3. Players take turns solving expressions and moving to the answer.
  4. The game is over when a player has an answer that is not in front of them. They may then move to heart at the end of the board game.

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you enjoy some pink and hearts in your centers!!!

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