Measuring Worksheet | Centimeters | Valentine’s Day Theme

Measuring Worksheet

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Does your student need a little extra cm measurement practice? Grab this free measuring worksheet that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Can you believe January is coming to a close, and all the stores are sporting their pink and red hearts?

I wanted to get in the fun and offer you a simple Valentine’s Day cm measurement assessment. My six-year-old son recently had his unit 3 assessment, and he did great except for one skill.

Measuring in centimeters.

His addition skills were flawless, as well as measuring to the nearest 1/2 inch.

But, most of his cm measurements were off just a little. So what did I do? I created some simple, practice clip cards, and two assessments and then we spent all week reviewing.

Measuring Worksheet | Centimeters | Valentine's Day Theme

CM Measurement with Clip Cards

Measuring Worksheet | Centimeters | Valentine's Day Theme

The first three days of the week, I gave him around seven clip cards. Each day we reviewed how to line up the ruler so that the zero is exactly at the beginning of the line. Then my little man would get to work, figuring out the cm measurement of each line and putting the clothespins on the correct answer.

Measuring Centimeters Worksheet

Measuring Worksheet | Centimeters | Valentine's Day Theme

The fourth day I pulled out a five-question assessment, and then we finished with this free Valentine’s Day assessment.

I’m happy to announce that he is now able to correctly measure lines in cm.

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Practice is important and I hope your kiddos enjoy measuring all things Valentine!!

Enjoy this freebie!

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