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Place Value Bingo

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This free place value bingo will help your children develop number sense as they identify numbers 20 – 50 using base ten blocks, tally marks, and more.

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My four-year-old loves Batman, Paw Patrol, karate, and bike riding. He is a sweet, tenderhearted little guy, and like most four-year-old boys would rather be up playing than sitting.

He learns totally different than his mathematical and analytical-minded 18-month older brother. I have to be intentional about making learning fun and include lots of repetition.

Place value bingo cards on a wooden floor.

Mathematically, this little guy has mastered his number to 20. We have played with base ten blocks, done ten frames over and over with dot markers, and have even played with tally marks as we did a shape hunt in the grocery store.

Now I feel like we are ready to move on to higher numbers.

It seems so easy to find activities for numbers 1 – 20. After that, they are fewer and far between.

New Activities for Numbers 20 – 50

Knowing my four-year-old’s need for repetition I decided to create a game and activity that would allow him to continue his work with higher numbers and still use the base ten blocks and ten frames he was accustomed to.

Place value bingo cards on a wooden floor.

We started off the new month of April with these fun calendar pieces. It was a great way to daily review these larger numbers but in a very short amount of time. We were also able to work on patterns!

Place value bingo cards on a wooden floor.

On the first day, we made caterpillars. Since it is finally spring, I decided caterpillars were the perfect animal to create. I laid out the face and the numeric numbers for him.

He finished the caterpillar with the correct tally mark, base ten blocks, and ten frames. We had our hundreds chart out because he often has trouble counting.

We have sung songs with skip counting so often he can count by 5’s and 10’s almost without thinking. He struggles with remembering to stop counting by 10’s when he reaches 20 and then say 21.

Having the number chart right there helps him remember how to count by ones when he reaches 20 or 25.

After creating the caterpillars, we moved on to a game of BINGO. Both my boys love this game, so I often turn to it as a way for extra practice and fun learning, and this place value bingo isn’t an exception. 

Place value bingo cards on a wooden floor.

Place Value Bingo Game

I decided to set this game of BINGO up a little differently. In a normal game the caller will pull a card, call out the number, and then everyone will cover the same number.

It would be difficult for little ones to have a whole bunch of tally marks, base ten blocks, and ten frames on the paper in front of them, and then have to figure out what they represent over and over.

Instead, the numbers are on the BINGO cards, with the models on the drawing cards.

Prep Work

  1. Print off BINGO cards and models on card stock paper
  2. Gather up place markers and you are set to go.

How To Play Place Value Bingo

  1. Start by pulling a small group. (I pretty much recommend you teach math in a small group at all times, which isn’t hard if you are a homeschool mom. It does though require a little more planning if you are in a classroom with 25+ kiddos.)
  2. Once you are in a small group, pass out the BINGO cards and place markers.
  3. Then give each student a card with the models on it. All the children can work on figuring out their model at the same time. Once they give you a correct response, they may cover up the corresponding number.
  4. After everyone gives an answer, pass out a fresh batch of models.
  5. The first person that gets five in a row or fills the whole board wins.

This activity was a lot of fun for both my kiddos and I hope you enjoy this fun time of learning with your kiddos!

Place Value Bingo Printable

Below is the place value bingo free printable. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button, saving it to your device, and then printing it.

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