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12 Fun AM PM Worksheet | Free Printable

These am pm worksheets will help to visualize and understand time periods and convert times. 2nd to 5th grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable am pm worksheets.

12 Fun and Exciting AM PM Worksheets

Please download the following am pm worksheets and practice these on the pages.

Fun AM PM Worksheet-01

Circling what Happens

Worksheet #1

Completing Sentences

Worksheet #2

Finding Correct Time

Worksheet #3

Checking Correct Box

Worksheet #4

Analyzing Situations

Worksheet #5

Cut and Paste Activity

Worksheet #6

Observing the Background

Worksheet #7

Daily Routine Activity

Worksheet #8

Identifying Correct Time

Worksheet #9

Two Different Times

Worksheet #10

Converting Clock Time

Worksheet #11

Converting Time and Words

Worksheet #12

Difference between Time Periods: AM and PM

AM and PM are abbreviated as ‘Ante Meridiem’ and ‘Post Meridiem,’ respectively; A.M. signifies before noon or midday. P.M. is associated with the afternoon and evening.

The 12-hour system divides the 24 hours of the day into two 12-hour intervals. The first 12-hour period is referred to as a.m. It is open from midnight to noon. The second phase, denoted as p.m., runs from noon to midnight.

Difference between Time Periods AM and PM-01

Worksheet for Circling What Happens in the AM or PM

Here are some regular activities that happen as usual, like eating breakfast, taking a shower, riding a cycle, watching TV, playing with toys, etc. Your task is to circle what happens in the am or pm.

Worksheet for Completing Sentences with Correct Time in AM or PM

In this section, you will see some incomplete sentences here with clocks. You have to complete these sentences carefully by writing the time with an am or pm in the last portion of the sentence. such as when dinner is served, school is over, bedtime, etc.

Worksheet for Finding Correct Time in AM and PM

In the following worksheet, you will see some clocks again with the headings of morning, afternoon, and evening. You have to identify the time from the clock and write it down in the gap. Then take a highlighter and highlight the am or pm matches with the headings.

Worksheet for Checking the Correct box with AM or PM

In this worksheet, you will find two checkboxes, one for am and another for pm, and some actions as well. You have to observe the time of all these actions and then check the boxes that are correct for the action.

Worksheet for Analyzing Situations with AM or PM

This worksheet is also one kind of completing sentence task. Read each sentence and write whether all these events take place at a.m. or p.m.

Worksheet for Solving AM or PM Cut and Paste Activity

Here I have provided some cut and paste activity. So, in this worksheet, you have to cut the boxes below, which include some phrases. Then, paste them into the appropriate boxes on the upper portion.


Worksheet for Telling AM or PM by Observing the Background

Now, you will see some clocks with exciting backgrounds in this worksheet. You have to observe the background of each clock and determine if it is an am or a pm.

Worksheet for Showing Your Daily Routine with Appropriate Time

To complete our tasks correctly and on time, we all have a daily routine that we follow. So, here you will see your daily routine tasks with blanks. You have to fill in each blank with an appropriate time here.

Worksheet for Identifying Correct Time with AM and PM

In this worksheet, you have to identify if the sentence is correct or not. Read the sentence carefully, then if the sentence is correct, write “C” in the box, and if the sentence is not correct, write “NC” in the box.

Worksheet for Figuring Difference between Two Different Times

There are two different time periods in every line here. Your task is to figure out the difference between these two different times. You can use a clock for your help.

Worksheet for Converting Clock Time into General Time

By using am and pm, you have to convert the following 24-hour clock time into 12-hour clock time. And also from 12-hour clock time to 24-hour clock time.

Worksheet for Converting Time into Words and Words into Time

And this is our final worksheet, where you have to convert time into words and words into time. You must remember the AM/PM concept here carefully to convert these


Download Free Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed am pm worksheets using the concepts of circling, completing sentences, cut-paste activity, observing background, converting time and words.

Download our free worksheets and after practicing these worksheets, the students will surely improve their skills in in am and pm time periods.

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