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Free Color by Number

One easy and fun way to reinforce number sense and number recognition is to have kids do a color by number activity. The kids think they’re just coloring and having fun. And, what kid doesn’t love to talk about animals or their pets?

But, they’re working on many things like fine motor, following directions and number recognition. These free color by number pages are fun for all ages.

pet color by number pages

If your students are not yet proficient in their sight words for colors, then I have had success with using a sharpie to write the number on the crayon. So if the color by number page says 1=blue, then I would write 1 on the blue crayon with sharpie.

These free color by number pages are perfect for a free time activity, centers, arrival and dismissal time and more.

You can always reinforce language and creativity by inventing stories about the pet on the color page. Or, there are so many great kids books out there. Surely you have one in your classroom library that would complement this activity well.

Free Pets Color by Number Pages

Included in this 9 page assortment is:

  • pet cat coloring page
  • dog coloring page
  • parrot coloring page
  • pet fish coloring page
  • turtle color by number
  • pet bunny color by number
  • pet snake coloring page
  • animal paws and dog bone color by number

Free Printable Color by Number Pets

Here you go, just print and make as many copies as you need.

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