17 Free Interactive Notebooks for Elementary Students | Math

Interactive Notebooks

These interactive notebooks are a great way to teach new subjects or math skills. Grab some scissors, glue, and crayons for a fun time of exploration.

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So much great stuff here in these digital interactive notebooks. Some are digital interactive notebooks and some are PDF to be printed and used. All are for elementary math skills.

17 Free Interactive Notebooks for Elementary Students | Math

Many of you know my story. I struggled with math during my school years. I didn’t get it. If you had asked me then that I would love math today, I would have laughed. I didn’t understand place value, and you could forget about doing any type of math in my head.

That all changed when I sat in a college teaching course. For the first time I got to play with math, see it in front of me, and it worked. I understood the why behind the numbers and formulas.

Math Manipulatives

Using manipulatives is one great way to help children visualize math. There are so many tools such as base ten blocks, pattern blocks, and hundreds charts. Using Math Manipulatives is a great way to complement pen and paper and digital activities.

And kids math manipulatives too. If you are looking for ways to teach math with manipulatives than there are many activities on this site for you.

Elementary Interactive Notebooks

But today, we are looking at interactive notebooks for math skills. These fun math activities use paper to help explain concepts to our students.

Some of them may be step by step introductions to solving a word problem, and other may let your children explore a math concept. My favorite interactive math notebooks are the ones that get children folding and drawing.

And most of them get children coloring or cutting, and adds a little fun to math time.

I hope you enjoy these 15+ interactive notebooks!

Interactive Notebooks for Math

  1. Division of Fractions with Whole Numbers | Free Printable | Tips for How to Teach it
  2. Multiplying Decimals | Multiplying 10 vs .10 | Free Printable | Interactive Notebook
  3. Interactive Tides Activity | Printable | Free |K – 2
  4. FREE Interactive Notebook To Teach Lattice Method with Decimals
  5. FREE Hands- On Divisibility Rules Interactive Notebook
  6. FREE Step by Step Directions For Dividing by 10 Using Arrays
  7. 3 Interesting World War 2 Lap Books for Upper Elementary
  8. A No – Nonsense Interactive Notebook for Area of a Triangle Activitiy
  9. FREE Printables to Help You Create a Quadrilateral Family Tree
  10. FREE Interactive Notebook To Provide Dividing Fractions Examples
  11. How to Multiply Fractions by Fractions – Step by Step Instructions with Free Printable
  12. How To Teach Multiplication Using Area Model (Free Printable)
  13. Four Ways To Teach Multiplication with Free A Printable – Part 1 Partial Products
  14. How to Teach Subtracting Mixed Numbers With Regrouping Visually
  15. How to teach division using arrays (FREE interactive notebook)
  16. 3 Interactive Notebook Activities For Rounding to Ten With Number Lines
  17. Teaching Equivalent Fractions with an Interactive Notebook

I hope you found something you can use.


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