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Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers | Free PDF


Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers is difficult to achieve for kids. A fraction with an inappropriate denominator is one in which the numerator is never greater than the denominator and is called an improper fraction.

For example, 7/2 is an improper fraction. A mixed number or mixed fraction combines a whole number and a defined fraction.  For another example, 2 1/7  is a mixed number where 2 is the whole number and 1/7 is the proper fraction.

converting Improper fraction into mixed number activities

Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers: Basic Strategy 

Divide the numerator by the denominator to get a mixed number from an improper fraction, and then calculate the remainder and quotient.

The remainder becomes the numerator portion of the resulting mixed fraction, the quotient becomes the whole number, and the denominator portion stays the same.

Example: Let us convert the mixed number, 5 1/7 to an improper fraction.

Solution: We will multiply the number 7 by 5 and the product is 7 × 5 = 35. To this, we will add the numerator 1, which makes it 35 + 1 = 36.

Now, 36 becomes the new numerator, and the denominator 7 remains the same. Therefore, 5 1/7   is changed to an improper fraction and is written as 36/7.

6 Unique Ideas to Convert Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers

Students face problems converting improper fractions into mixed numbers. There are several ways to change improper fractions into mixed numbers, allowing children to explore this concept clearly and practically.

This type of instruction is necessary if we want our brilliant students to fully understand a concept. Now it’s time to start learning new skills.

Let’s Play with Colors!

Our young children are extremely naughty. Right? In teaching their children, parents face numerous challenges. They like engaging in color-related activities that grab their attention.

They are constantly drawn to drawing because they adore colors. In order to teach their children mixed fractions, parents can play the color game.

They ask their kids to color the correct parts of the object according to the mixed fractions.

using colors to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Get Some Points!

Who doesn’t love playing games and getting points? During this process, teachers or parents create a question sheet similar to the one shown in the photo and instruct students to roll the dice.

When the dice stop on one improper fraction, they need to convert it into a mixed fraction.

If they find the correct answer, they will get 5 points; otherwise, they will lose 10 points for each wrong answer.

using dice to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Choose the Correct Answer

Now, parents ask them to choose the correct answer. This type of practice improves and engages students’ math skills. Teachers can set up a quiz like this.

They can use quizzes to help students prepare for the next stage of their education and to support classroom activities.

Choose the correct answer  to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Task Card

Kids enjoy playing matching games. In one area, I create some cards with improper fractions, while in the other, I create cards with mixed fractions.

The students are then instructed to pair the cards in accordance with the fraction.

Matching cards to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Block Tile

Everybody has magnetic tiles in their home. I thought, why not use them to teach my children? I write some improper fractions on a board that is magnetic, write the answer on the other tiles, and mix them.

After that, I ask them to find the correct answer and fix it in the correct place.

using tile to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Gumball Fractions

At home, I have a gumball machine. I made some gumballs that were printed with improper fractions.

Then I ask them to find the mixed fraction and take this if they want gumballs. They won’t receive any gum otherwise.

using gumball  to describe converting improper fraction into mixed number

Download Free Printable PDF

It is an excellent way to give kids an enjoyable way to practice Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers.

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children. I discussed a variety of tasks for Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Number in the discussion.

I’m hoping that by engaging in these Converting Improper Fraction into Mixed Number activities, little Champ can develop his problem-solving skills.

The few exercises for Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers are listed below.





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