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12 Fun Exciting Dividing Fractions Activity | Free Worksheets

Hello, kiddos! This article is all about dividing fractions and dividing fractions activity. Here you can learn how to divide fractions and also some exciting activities you will enjoy. 

After going through this article, you also can learn strategies and some tricks for dividing fractions here with awesome activities.

12 Exciting Worksheets to Practice Dividing Fractions Activity

So, after knowing the tricks, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to our activities. Do you know about the tarsia puzzle? Have you ever played this game, youngster? Our first activity is a tarsia puzzle game.

12 Free Exciting Dividing Fractions Activity-01

Puzzle Game

Worksheet #1

Pin the Wheel

Worksheet #2

Activity with Pizza 

Worksheet #3

Activity with Cards

Worksheet #4

Fishing Game

Worksheet #5

Activity with Chocolates

Worksheet #6

Maze Activity

Worksheet #7

Paper Cut paste

Worksheet #8

Activity with Buttons 

Worksheet #9

Bingo Game

Worksheet #10

Scavenger Hunt

Worksheet #11

Word Problems

Worksheet #12


Learn Dividing by a Fraction

To learn to divide by a fraction, we must first know some mathematical terms. Like- Reciprocal, Numerator, Denominator, and obviously what dividing fractions means. Because Dividing fractions is the same as multiplying the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction.

The first step of dividing fractions is finding the reciprocal. Then multiply the two numerators. Then multiply the two denominators.

So, Dividing fractions means a division of the whole number by fractions, fractions by fractions, or fractions by whole numbers. That means division involves at least one fraction.

And, reciprocal is a maths term in which you have to switch fractions to top and bottom numbers. That means a change between Numerator & Denominator.

For example: If you have a fraction 3 over 4 and then switch the top and bottom numbers, you will end up with 4 over 3.

So, 3 over 4 is the reciprocal of 4 over 3,

and, 4 over 3 is the reciprocal of 3 over 4.

And, an Interesting thing about reciprocals is, multiplying a fraction by its reciprocal will always give you 1.

Example: 2/3 is the reciprocal of 3/2. So, if we multiply these two fractions, we get 2/3  x  3/2  = 1.

Rules and Tips for Dividing Fractions

Now comes the important and interesting part of this article. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right. In this section, you will learn the rule and tips for dividing fractions. Please take a look at the following image. what do you see here?

Dividing Fractions Tips

This is so easy, right? Because multiplying fractions is so easy and simple. And, dividing fractions is much like multiplying fractions.


Tarsia Puzzle Game for Dividing Fractions

This activity requires all triangles to be cut out after printing. Each piece has a question or answer in it. As you match the pieces together correctly, responses to questions are revealed. Each triangular piece fits into another. And the game will be finished by creating a perfect pyramid shape.


Spin the Wheel and Learn Fraction Division

Our second activity is more interesting. To do this activity, create a spinner with several fractions on it like the following image or can also print it and give your little ones instructions to spin it to produce a fraction to divide.

Spin the Wheel and Learn Fraction Division

To record their results, print the attached pdf. Now, tell your kiddos to spin the first wheel and write the fraction in the first box and spin again to get the second fraction. And finally, to divide the first fraction by the second fraction they have recorded and review their answer.

Learn Dividing Fractions with Pizza

So, kiddos! Who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is my favorite. And so, I will give you an activity with pizza here. You can ask your mom to give you a pizza to eat when you do that activity.

In this free pdf, in the first six pizzas you have to write the fraction as I do in the first one. And after that, you have to color the portion I mention on the right sides of the pizzas. Also here I colored the portion following the fraction of the pizza.

Dividing Fractions Activity with Cards

I used to play card games when I was in college. And I enjoyed it a lot. Have you ever played a card game? Let me know in the comment section. So, there is the activity with cards. Pick some cards and take those like the following image. And record your answers. After recording 10 to 12 answers find the largest numerator and denominator.

Dividing Fractions Activity with Cards

Dividing Fractions Activity with Fishing Game

Can you make a fish with paper? This is so easy. Take a full circle and a quarter of another circle of paper. Then glue it like the image. You can draw an eye to look like a really cute fish.

To set up the game, write several fractions on small pieces of paper and attach them to the fish. Then catch two fishes with a magnet on a string and divide these fractions by one another. Continue catching fish and divide fractions.

Dividing Fractions Activity with Chocolate

Do you wanna share your chocolate bars that have nuts? I especially like chocolate bars that have nuts. So, in this activity, you have to divide your chocolates and give them to all of your friends. Then finally how many portions do you have? Write it.

Example: Let, your chocolate have 10 blocks. And you wanna give your seven friends seven blocks of chocolate. Now, you have three blocks for yourself. So, your answer will be 3/10 for this chocolate. Try this method with different chocolates and write your answer.

Dividing Fractions Activity Maze

So Youngster, in this section of the activity you must correctly divide fractions to find your way through a maze of fractions. And if you can reach the finish point of the maze then your all answer is correct. Clap for you.

Dividing Fractions Activity with Paper Cut paste

Cut and paste is an amazing game for all time. I enjoyed it from my childhood. Do you like it kiddo? Just cut the answers from the image and paste the correct answer by dividing the fractions.

Dividing Fractions Activity with Buttons Dividing

We all have buttons at our home. Let’s learn fractions by button! Take some multi-color buttons and count the total number of buttons. Next, group the buttons according to color. Finally, write the correct answer for the quotients of fractions for each color.

Play Bingo Game to Learn Fraction Division

This activity is like a bingo game. You will need a fraction bingo worksheet and bingo fraction cards. These bingo cards and worksheets can also be made at home or in class. Then, randomly write any fractions on your bingo cards. The teacher will write a fraction and call students one by one to divide the fraction by the fraction of the student’s cards.

Play Bingo Game to Learn Fraction Division

Learn Dividing Fraction with Scavenger Hunt

Give your students a list of fractions to find inside and outside the classroom and count if they find all the correct fractions on the list. In the end, whoever will submit all the correct fractions in the lowest time will win!

Learn Dividing Fraction with Scavenger Hunt

Dividing Fractions Word Problems

Dividing Fractions activities helps your little ones understand how to divide fractions. And, there is also some word problem related to dividing fractions for them given below:

Download Free Worksheet PDF

In this article, I have discussed tricks with 10+ dividing fractions activity. Also, free pdf and images for your youngsters. Here is the complete PDF that you are looking for. We have compiled all the PDFs in this single PDF to complete the activity.

If your kiddo has any kind of trouble doing these activities, let us know. And please feel free to give feedback in the comment section if you have any. Download this free PDF to practice the dividing fractions activity. I hope that these activities will benefit your kiddos.

You can download these PDFs by clicking on the download button and printing them from your device.


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