FREE Hands-On Dividing Fractions Activity

Your students will love this dividing fractions activity. It is hands-on, yummy and a great way to model dividing fractions by fractions.

FREE Hands-On Dividing Fractions Activity

It is time for some fun with our older kiddos. So often our cute activities that involve snacks are reserved for our younger friends, but not today.

Today, I have a dividing fractions activity that uses conversation hearts.


FREE Hands-On Dividing Fractions Activity

This is a simple one.

  1. First, print off the pages.
  2. Next, grab some conversation hearts and pencils.

And that’s it. You are ready to go!!!

Brach's Conversation Hearts, 8oz BagBrach’s Conversation Hearts, 8oz BagBrach's Conversation Hearts, 8oz Bag

Dividing Fractions Activity

So today instead of typing out how to use this sheet I’m going to explain it in a video.

Can you believe it is that simple? I love it when we can make math fun for our older kiddos, and build number sense too.

They need to see why we get a whole number when we divide two fractions and this is a wonderful way to do it.

It is fun, it is yummy, and will create a mental picture they won’t forget!!!

You’ve Got This,


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FREE Hands-On Dividing Fractions Activity

Or just grab these word problems. It is a fun way to see how dividing fractions can be used in real life!

FREE Hands-On Dividing Fractions Activity

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