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Multiplication Clip Cards

It’s the time of year. School is starting back, and if not already children will be filling classrooms or spreading out in your living room with their school books.

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One of the joys of a new school year is brushing away the cobwebs and reviewing or learning math facts. And these simple multiplication clip cards are designed to do just that.

free multiplication clip cards

Printable Multiplication Clip Cards

With just a little cutting, these multiplication clip cards will be ready to use.

  1. First, print them on card stock paper.
  2. Next, cut them out and laminate if desired.
  3. Finally, gather up clothespins and you are ready to go.

And, don’t miss all the other Math Clip Cards I have for free on this site.

Ways to use Multiplication Clip Cards

Math at Home

These clip cards focus on the times tables that many kids struggle with. Mainly the times tables for sevens, eight, and nine were used so that children could practice these harder ones.

If you have a child at school that is struggling, this would be an easy activity to send home. It isn’t boring like a worksheet, and it is something they can do on their own if there isn’t parent support.

These are also something you can prepare, put in a tote bag and keep in the car. Work on them while you’re driving, or waiting for a sibling at a sports practice.

Math Centers

If you have math centers in your classroom, these multiplication clip cards are a perfect addition. Just add the clip cards and clothes pins to that center and you are ready to go.

And if you want to guarantee that they don’t make a mistake, you can place a star at the back of the clip card. Once the child has placed the clip on, they can flip it over to guarantee they have the correct answer.

You can designate the correct answer with a sticker on the back.

Practicing Math Skills

It is important for children to understand how an answer is derived. When children model or show how they got their answer they are building number sense and a deeper understanding of math.

Want to make the clip cards a little harder? Simply have the children model their answer. Here are just a few options.

  1. First, have them model repeated addition by creating an equation.
  2. Secondly, they could create a multiplication array.
  3. Another option would be to demonstrate the problems by showing equal groups.
  4. Finally, they could solve their problem on a number line.

Each one of these models helps children to see what the answer is, prove it, and understand multiplication better. And when they move into math word problems, you have helped them build a basis to solve those.

Math Race with Multiplication Clip Cards

Many children love a little competition, and you can add some of that with these cards.

Begin by putting a pile in front of one child and then timing them to see how long it takes them to correctly make it through the pile. Record that time and then see if they can beat their time the next day.

Or have two or three students race against each other to see who can win. In this scenario, it may be beneficial to have the students competing against students that are at the same level.

Learning multiplication facts are important! Math Gamesskip counting or activities like these clip cards are just a few ways they can become successful. Enjoy!

Free Printable Multiplication Clip Cards

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