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Fraction Book | Introduction to Fractions and Fraction Vocabulary | Free Printable

Fraction Book

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This fraction book is a wonderful way to introduce fraction vocabulary words and visual models to your students. This post includes a free full-color printable.

Making a fraction book doesn’t seem like a big deal, but my boys loved it. I guess the cutting and pasting made this activity perfect for my little guys, plus they are learning their fraction vocabulary words.

In fact, they were so excited about it, that they had to show off their amazing work to their Aunt.

Over the last few days, we have had a blast playing with food, and working on our fraction of the day printable.

We have also played with pattern blocks as I’ve tried to provide a wide variety of exposure to fractions. Now it was time for a little cut and paste with our fraction book printable.

Fraction book with fraction cut-outs on a wooden background.

Fraction Vocabulary

First, this book covers some important fraction vocabulary words. It begins with fraction, then moves unto numerator and denominator.

Then, children have the opportunity to find visual models that match a fraction.

Finally, the book ends with an introduction to equivalent fractions.

Prep – Work

  1. To begin, print off the book and the pictures.
  2. Next, staple the book together.
  3. Now, have the children cut out the pictures.
  4. Finally, grab some glue for the instructional time.

How to Use This Fraction Book Printable

This fraction vocabulary book is an easy activity, but I highly recommend working on it in a small group so you can have meaningful discussions.

Begin by reading what a fraction is, and then find a picture (the one that had a child holding a fraction pie) and place that in the book.

Next, move unto numerators and denominators. Here is the opportunity to explain what each is and allow the children to find an example of each of them.

Fraction book with fraction cut-outs on a wooden background.

The next few pages of the book focus on finding visual models that match a fraction.

Fraction book with fraction cut-outs on a wooden background.

Then the focus changes to equivalent fractions. In this section, children will be given a fraction and they have to find the two models that match it.

They finish off the page by writing two equivalent fractions.

Fraction book with fraction cut-outs on a wooden background.

My boys and I enjoyed this simple activity…..and it definitely brought to light some misconceptions. I took some notes, and we will be reviewing them over the next few days.

I hope you enjoy and conquer some misconceptions of your own.

Fraction Book Printable

Below is the free fraction book printable. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button, then saving it to your device, and then printing it.

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