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6 Free Number Bonds to 5 Worksheets | Fun Activities

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These number bonds to 5 worksheet will help you to visualize and understand place value and number systems. Kindergarten students will learn what bond are in a number and improve their basic math skills with our free printable number bonding worksheets.

6 Exciting Activities for Practicing Number Bonds to 5

Please download the following number bonds to 5 worksheet pages and practice number bonds to 5 on the pages.

Number Bonds to 5 Worksheet Overview

Completing Number

Worksheet #1

Using Rainbow

Worksheet #2

Missing Numbers

Worksheet #3

Counting Objects

Worksheet #4

Solving Equation

Worksheet #5

Five Frames

Worksheet #6


Worksheet for Completing Number Bonds to 5

In this worksheet, you will see several boxes. Some of those boxes are empty, and the rest are filled with numbers. Your students will fill in some boxes for completing number bonds to 5.

Worksheet for Completing Number Bonds to 5 Using Rainbow

In this part, your students will complete the pages using bright and colorful rainbows. Children will find the matching numbers from the rainbow and fill in the gaps given below to make number bonds to 5.

Worksheet for Finding Missing Numbers in Robot

This worksheet is decorated with illustrated robots. The robots are holding two circles in their hands.

One circle carries one number from the pair that makes the number bond to 5 and the other circle is empty. Children will find the missing number and complete making number bonds to 5.

Worksheet for Counting Objects to Make Number Bonds to 5

In this part, there are some objects given. Children will count those given objects and fill in the empty boxes to make number bonds 5.

Worksheet for Solving Equations to Make Number Bond to 5

In this section, there are some equations given in this worksheet. To make number bonds to 5, you need to solve these equations.

Worksheet for Making Number Bonds to 5 in Five-Frames

In this activity, you will make number bonds to 5 in five frames. There are circles in two colors. Your students will count the circles and make number bonds to 5 by adding those different colored circles.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

So today, we’ve discussed number bonds to 5 worksheet using the concepts of completing number, finding number, counting objects, solving equations and making bonds. Download our free worksheets and by practicing these worksheets, the students will improve their skills in number bonding.

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