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FREE Football Themed Equivalent Fraction Printable

Your football lovers will enjoy this equivalent fraction printable. The students are given footballs with fractions on them. They are to place them on a field goal with an equivalent fraction. It’s fall and that means in the south, Georgia, football is everywhere. Very rarely...
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FREE Adding and Subtracting Decimal Worksheet

With this adding and subtracting decimal worksheet your children can practice finding which decimal comes next in a pattern. They can even color while solving!! Yesterday morning I walked outside, and a smile immediately hit my face. Instead of the suffocating heat, I’m used to...
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FREE Hands-On Subtracting Decimals Word Problems

Your students will have fun solving subtraction decimal word problems. They are hands-on and will help our visual learners be successful. It is time for some new word problems that focus on subtracting decimals. These interactive, hands-on word problems are a fun way to visualize...
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