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Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme

These patriotic two step word problems have children solving word problems using all operations and require two steps to solve.

Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme
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Words problems are an essential part of any math curriculum.

If you are looking to introduce journals, set your expectations, and celebrate Labor Day these word problems are a great place to start.

They will even work as a fun review at as you end the year and look toward Memorial Day.

Or possibly you just want to keep up your child’s math skills as you approach the middle of summer and Independence Day!

Either way, these 10 two-step word problems will get children thinking! And you will find that they are reviewing….

  • adding
  • subtracting
  • multiplication
  • division
  • money (decimals)
  • elapsed time
Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme

Prep – Work

These task cards require very little prep.

  1. First, cut out the task cards on card stock paper.
  2. Provide a math journal (preferably with grid paper in it), pencils, and colored pencils.

Getting Started with Two-Step Word Problems

As you begin, it is essential that you illustrate exactly what you are requiring of your students. Are you looking for them to just complete the problem??? Or do you want to see their thought process and have them explain with models, equations, and words how they solved?

I always prefer the later. It may mean that we only accomplish one problem a day…..but they have thoroughly done that two-step word problem.

If you are beginning your school year, spending quality time on what you expect to see when a child solves a word problem in their journal is essential. I highly recommend…

  • modeling (work out a word problem in front of your child or children and show them exactly what you require for each step)
  • find students journals that did a great job, brag on them, and show off their work
  • meet with students individually and talk with them about what you liked and areas they could improve…then set a goal

So what do I require when I’m only expecting a child to do one problem a day??

1. Model

I want my students to be able to model the math they are doing, and they can do this is many ways. They can use a number line, an array, groups or circles to show multiplication and division, number bonds, etc. As long as it correctly shows how they solved a problem….it is fair game.

Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme
This student used a chart to model this problem.

2. Equation

Writing out an equation for a one-step problem isn’t that hard. Make it a two-step word problem and you may have quite a challenge on your hands.

First, you have to know which step to do first, and then you have to correctly show that in your equation. A student may have to use parenthesis, or correctly lay out the problem showing their knowledge of PEMDAS.

Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme


Most research today shows that combining subjects benefits students….and I’m a firm believer in including math with reading and writing. When we have our children write about how they solved a math problem, they are having to stop and think about what they are doing. It also helps them remember what they did so that they can repeat it!

Whether you hope to celebrate Memorial Day and Labor Day….or throw in some fun summer review….I hope you enjoy these freebies, or enjoy these other summer/patriotic ideas.

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Grab Your Free Two Step Word Problems with a Patriotic Theme


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