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This free geometry bingo will help your students learn all about lines, rays, line segments, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines.

The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the blue “get your free printable here” button.


It’s geometry time, and we are jumping into some new vocabulary. For the first time, my son is learning about lines, rays, line segments, etc.

It is a fun unit, with a lot of drawing and discovery.

I want my son to be able to be successful by mastering these new words, so I created a couple of new resources.

We began with an interactive vocabulary book and this incredible website. We looked up each word on the website, and then completed our interactive vocabulary book.

Next, it was time to move onto a game to further our understanding. A little Geometry Bingo Fun.

Lines (Stone Age Geometry)Lines (Stone Age Geometry)DIVE INTO SHAPES! A SEA & BUILD GEOMETRYDIVE INTO SHAPES! A SEA & BUILD GEOMETRYLearning Advantage 7751 Connecting GeoStix Geometry Card (Pack of 80)Learning Advantage 7751 Connecting GeoStix Geometry Card (Pack of 80)

Prep – Work

  1. Print off the Bingo cards and the calling cards
  2. Cut out the calling cards
  3. Gather up game markers

How to Play Geometry Bingo

In a small group, read off a clue on the calling cards from Geometry Bingo. Have the children playing the game point to a picture on their Bingo card that correctly illustrates the clue. There may be more than one answer. If the student can explain why that illustration works, they may cover it up. The first person that gets five in a row wins.

What makes this game a challenge is that many of the clues have two or more answers. For example, one of the clues says, “A square has two sets of them.”

A student could say parallel lines or even perpendicular lines.

Another clue says, “Where two roads meet.” Well, some roads meet and create 90-degree angles, other meet and create angles of different values. Sooooo, this clue could actually describe perpendicular lines and intersecting lines.


As you are working through the clues and trying to figure out what their answers are, have your students explain their reasoning. As they talk through why they think this or that illustration works, they will be using vocabulary, definitions, and reasoning.  All that conversation is what will help this concept stick, not the just the game.

Enjoy lots of conversation time.

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