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These FREE Measurement Conversion Games will help your children practice liquid equivalence, US Length Equivalences, and Metric Equivalences.

It’s time to jump back to school after a fun Christmas break off. My oldest was not thrilled with abandoning his carefree mornings, and his demeanor clearly showed this. Knowing that our memory work for the next few week involves measurement conversions, and that attitudes weren’t where I desried them to be….I decided to have a little fun as we mastered this knowledge.

We began by creating a gallon man. This just a fun way for children to visually see how many quarts are in a gallon, pints in a quart, and cups in a pint. It really was a fun activity, even if my second grader decided to let his mood dictate his “robots” mood too. 

Thankfully the grumpiness didn’t last long, and when I brought the game out to review what we learned with the gallon man….they were all smiles. Hopefully, yours will be all smiles too.

Prep Work –

    • Frist, print off the game boards
    • Next, print off game cards, cut out and place in large cubes
    • Finally, gather up board markers and you are ready to go

Carson-Dellosa Publishing Differentiated Instruction CubesCarson-Dellosa Publishing Differentiated Instruction CubesLearning Resources Mathlink Cubes, Set of 100 CubesLearning Resources Mathlink Cubes, Set of 100 Cubes


Directions –

The directions for this game are pretty simple. Step one is to roll the large learning die….I love throwing it across the room and having my kiddos do suicides! It is a great “brain break” and they love getting their wiggles out!!

After a child has retrieved the die, they must find the equivalent on the game board.

In this example, the child…or the crazy homeschool mom….rolled 1 gallon. The only picture that is equivalent is the one with 4 quarts. So that is the one they get to place a marker on.

If there is already a marker on that picture they may do one of three things:

  1. Knock off the marker if it belongs to the other player.

2. Add another marker to the picture making it secure.

3. If there are two markers on the picture it is considered secure, and nothing can be done.


The game ends when all the pictures are secured, and the player with the most secured pictures wins!!!

Other Options For Measurement Conversion Games

Our math memory work does not stop at liquid equivalences. We also get to memorize US Length Conversions, so I added these measurements to this printable game.

You can see that 36 inches was rolled, so the player will place a cube on 1 foot.

And we couldn’t leave out metric conversions….so there is also a measurement conversion games printable for this too. In this picture, 10 millimeters showed up. The player only has one option, and that is to cover up 1 cm.

If you are trying to help your children memorize liquid equivalence, US length conversions, or metric conversions, I hope these games help them accomplish this mission.

You’ve Got This

Want all my measurement activities in one place….including puzzles with measurement equivalences? Check out this measurement packet.



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