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7 Fun Division Anchor Chart Examples | Free Printable

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These division anchor chart examples will help to visualize and understand division and number systems. 1st to 3rd-grade students will learn basic division methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable division anchor chart examples.

7 Exciting Examples for Learning Division Anchor Chart

Please download the following anchor chart examples and understand division on the pages.

Division Anchor Chart Boxx Imagee

Use of Arrays

Anchor Chart #1

Repeated Subtraction

Anchor Chart #2

Equal Groups

Anchor Chart #3

Draw Tallies

Anchor Chart #4

Fact Family

Anchor Chart #5

Skip Count

Anchor Chart #6

Long Division

Anchor Chart #7

Introduction to Division

We hope you all know what division is. It’s one of the basic mathematical operations. When we want to sort or group something, we use division. In a division, you will see three terms.

  • Dividend, the number which you will have to divide
  • Divisor, the number by which you will have to divide and
  • Quotient, the result after completing the division

For example, if we take the division problem 15 ÷ 3, then 15 is the dividend, 3 is the divisor, and after division, we will get 5 as a result, which will be the quotient. 

Explaining Division

Introduction to Anchor Chart

In the previous section, you learned the basics of a division process. This time, you will be familiar with a new term named anchor chart. What does an anchor chart mean? A poster used to highlight key concepts in a lesson is known as an anchor chart.

The poster or chart acts as an anchor for keeping both the teachers’ and students’ gathered concepts, methods, and ideologies for solving a problem in one place. To solve a given problem, both the students and the teacher can share and save their ideas in these types of charts.

Use of Arrays to Explain Division Anchor Chart

The first example will show you the use of arrays. Through the array, you will be able to find the result of the division easily.

Use of Arrays in Division Anchor Chart

Division Anchor Chart with Repeated Subtraction

Another way of performing division easily is by doing repeated subtraction. See the following image to have a better grasp of this.

Doing Repeated Subtraction for Division Anchor Chart

Dividing into Equal Groups to Explain Division Anchor Chart

You can also use grouping to make your division easier. In the following image, I have explained division by making some groups with equal numbers of elements in them.

Dividing into Equal Groups for Division Anchor Chart

Draw Tallies for Division Anchor Chart

You can also draw tallies in your notebook to solve a division problem. Take the given division and start to draw to get the final answer.

Using Tallies for Division Anchor Chart

Division Anchor Chart Using Fact Family

We know division and multiplication are related. We will use this relation in the division problem. We will take the help of the fact family to find our desired quotient.

Using Fact Family Trick for Division Anchor Chart

Skip Count to Find the Quotient for Division Anchor Chart

Also, you can use skip counting to finish your division problems easily and skillfully. You have to skip counting until you come to the dividend and count the steps that help you reach your goal.

Skip Counting to Find the Quotient for Division Anchor Chart

Division Anchor Chart with Long Division

This time, we will do a long division. Unlike the examples shown in the above discussions, you have to be a little patient to get the final result. See the tricks shown in the following image to do such types of divisions.

Doing Long Division with Remainders for Division Anchor Chart

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your example session.

So today, we’ve discussed division anchor chart examples using the concepts of division and multiplication of numbers, and some interactive activities like arrays, repeated subtraction, drawing tallies, skip counting, fact family, and long division have been used to explain these anchor charts. Download our free example PDF, and after going through these examples, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of division.

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