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Fraction Puzzle Worksheet | 6 Activities | Free Printables


A great way to learn fraction puzzle is by using pizza, which is everyone’s favorite food. This Fraction Puzzle Worksheet is so enjoyable for a young child’s first introduction to fraction puzzle.

The parts of a whole or group of items are represented by fractions. A fraction consists of two components.

The numerator is the figure at the top of the line. It shows the number of equal portions that were taken from the total or collection.  The denominator is the figure that appears below the line.

It shows the total number of identical objects in a collection or the total number of equal parts that the whole is divided into.

Example of Fraction Puzzle Worksheet: If a pizza is divided into eight equal pieces and one piece of the pizza is placed on a plate, then each plate is said to have  of the cake. It is read as ‘one-eighth’ or ‘1 by 8’.

using pizza to describe fraction puzzle worksheet

Before We Start the Games

Playing games—who doesn’t enjoy making their own pizza? Kids just like playing the “Make a Pizza Fraction” game, so it doesn’t feel extremely educational. The pizza fraction worksheet is simple to assemble, and youngsters really enjoy playing with it.

I hope this Fraction Puzzle Worksheet is helpful for parents or teachers too to teach their students. So get going if you’re ready for some fun!

Puzzle Solving

Students are required to match a fractional number to a word form and a visual model in the first round of crossword puzzles.

I designed the puzzles with an optional lower half that, when laminated, allows students to write in the fraction, the parts, and the total number of equal parts using a whiteboard marker.

Students fill out the sentence frame defining the elements on the recording sheet that is included with these number puzzles after writing down the fraction number, drawing it, and writing the fraction in word form.

using puzzle solving to describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet

Spin and Cover

The discs are placed in the grid in accordance with the player’s selections, and then the column is twisted to align the discs. They must obtain four consecutively, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to win.

Making a spinning wheel with the teachers or parents is now the next step. The children will cover the appropriate fraction after the teachers spin the wheel.

Using spin describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet

Let’s Make a Clay Dough Pizza!

Now we can compete against others in the Build a Pizza Fraction Game by working alone, in pairs, or in groups to finish their pizza first. A regular 6-sided clay dough is required. There are several fractions of pizza slices. 

There are parts in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 sizes. Eight different kinds of toppings are also included: tomatoes, red onions, pepperoni, olives, ham, mushrooms, peppers, and basil.

Making a pizza with at least one of each topping listed as a fraction is the object of the game.  Children use this game to learn fundamental fractions, including whole, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8. When students understand that 2 – 1/4 pieces equal 1/2, they gain some understanding of equivalent fractions.

Making pizza to describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet

Pizza Shop

Children love to act in dramas. Parents or teachers can set up a drama. Here, students divide into two teams. One team acts as shopkeepers, and the others will be customers.

For example, three students will own a shop where two of them will make pizza slices and the other will become the seller. The fraction numbers will be written on the slice.

Then the other group will come and ask the price of the pizza. After knowing the price, she will write down the fraction and draw it.

The teacher will confirm whether it’s right or wrong. If team two gives the correct answer, they will get the pizza slice. Otherwise, they lose, and team one gets the slice.

Using pizza shop to describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet  

Pick Cards

Card games are fascinating for kids. There will be two players. I make some cards with fraction numbers and ask them to pick one card at a time. The first player will pick a card and get a faction, then put his marble on the board where fraction numbers are written. 

After that, the second one will continue this process. Whoever arrives at the finish line first wins a pizza. If they pick the same card again or pick a smaller number after a bigger one, they will go back too!

picking cards to describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet

Pizza Fraction Bingo

Bingo score cards include the word “BINGO” across the top with 25 fractions on them. Our objective is to fill five of those squares in a row that is either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

The caller is the player who announces the toppings or fraction numbers that determine which squares are covered on each player’s scorecards during a game of bingo.  The caller continues to participate in the game alongside everyone else.

There must be at least one scorecard per player. As long as they can keep track of all the fraction numbers on the various cards, players are permitted to use more than one scorecard.

A player should shout “Bingo” to let the other players know they have won when they have five covered squares in a row on their scorecard. The caller will stop making new pairings when someone calls “Bingo.”

Playing bingo to describe Fraction Puzzle Worksheet

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I think education needs to be fun and interesting.

My intention is to reduce the burden on teachers or parents by providing engaging learning experiences like Fraction Puzzle Worksheet. That’s why I do some exercises on Fraction Puzzle Worksheet to help our children gain more knowledge about fraction puzzles. 

Have fun!





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