FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

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Your kids will enjoy this long division practice. The Saint Patrick’s day puzzles add a little fun while practicing long division.

FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

It has been a slow process for us, but I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. He is going to master long division.

We have done cut and paste activities, played some games, did a little more practice, and today I have one more long division practice for him.

It is puzzle time!!


It will only take a little cutting to have this activity ready.

  1. First, print off on card stock paper.
  2. Next, cut them out and laminate.
  3. Finally, provide the recording sheet and a pencil.

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Long Division Practice

FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

As simple as this activity is to prepare, it is just as easy to implement.

I always encourage teaching children different ways to solve a problem, and then letting them choose their favorite way.

My son has loved partial difference, lattice multiplication, and then has chosen partial quotients as his method. Knowing this was his choice, I divided this activity up over a few days. I handed him four puzzles to do each day.

He simply chose one problem to solve, found the answer (or checked his work to find why he didn’t see an answer), and then wrote the equation on his record sheet.

At the end of three days, he had solved all 12 problems and had a little more long division practice under his belt.

We will be coming back to review this often, but for now he is doing much better on this challenging skill.

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FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

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FREE Puzzles For Long Division Practice

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