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5 Free Easter Math Word Problems Worksheets

Christians throughout the world celebrate and rejoice on Easter Sunday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage in some enjoyable and difficult Easter math word problems while we get together with family and friends to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why not practice your problem-solving abilities this Easter by working through some Easter math word problems that are related to the holiday? 

5 Exciting Worksheets of Easter Math Word Problems

The fear of word problems is fading, however, as students in grades 1 through 3 spend more time understanding how word problems work rather than simply memorizing the formula. That is why I created some interactive word problems.

Easter Math Word Problems

Easter Eggs Counting 

Worksheet #1

Adding Easter Eggs 

Worksheet #2

Subtracting Easter Eggs 

Worksheet #3

Multiplication Problems

Worksheet #4

Division Problems

Worksheet #5

Word Problems: A Better Understanding

A math word problem is a particular kind of mathematical problem that uses a language other than mathematical symbols or equations to be expressed verbally or in writing. 

These problems require the solver to read the problem, identify the mathematical operations, and then find the solution.

Let’s Count the Easter Eggs

Start by introducing the concept of counting eggs in a word problem.

That’s why I ask my kids to bring me a basket of Easter eggs for Sunday dinner. When they give me the basket, I ask them to count. Now tell me how many eggs are in the basket.

Count the Easter eggs

Find the Summation of Easter Eggs

Children are great at finding and adding things up, right?

Well, I have a little math problem about finding and collecting some Easter eggs! At an Easter Sunday party, I found 10 easter eggs under my blue basket, and my dog found 5 more easter eggs.

Now, children, tell me how many Easter eggs I have now.

Find the summation

How Many Carrots Were Left?

Children love cute bunnies. So I think to do some activities with little bunnies.  The little bunnies were having an easter party last Sunday.

They bought 55 carrots for the party and ate 49 carrots. Now ask the students how many carrots were left.

How Many carrots were Left

Multiplication Word Problem on Easter Maths

Now, it’s time to do some multiplication word problems to learn multiplication better.

First, understand the problem and then, solve this with the help of multiplication. At an easter Sunday party, I need 76 bunny chocolates. the price of one bunny chocolate is $9. Now tell me the total cost of the bunny chocolates.

Multiplication word problem

Solve the Easter Math Division Word Problem

Division word problems are a little difficult. So, students need to understand the problem carefully and solve it with the help of division. For an Easter Sunday party, seven children need 49 Easter eggs to bake a big cake for themselves. The teachers ask each of them to bring Easter eggs the next day.

Tell me how many eggs each of them will bring with them.

Solve the Division word problem  

Download Free Printable Worksheet

Word problems are one of the harder concepts for kids to learn. Similar to the other lengthy word problem worksheets on this pdf, these worksheets begin with simple Easter math word problems to make it simpler to go above this barrier.

Our interactive worksheet includes all of the activities discussed in this article, such as counting the Easter eggs, finding the summation, figuring out how many carrots were left, solving the multiplication word problem, and solving the division word problem, as well as some extra exercises to help our preschoolers and first graders sharpen their minds. We also added some theme-based word problems.

Download this free pdf to unlock those chances!

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