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5 Free Worksheets on Math Easter Egg Hunt

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These math Easter egg hunt worksheets will help to visualize and understand place value and number systems. 5th-grade students will learn basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable math Easter egg hunt worksheets.

5 Exciting Practicing Math Easter Egg Hunt Worksheets for Your Youngster

Please download the following math Easter egg hunt worksheets and practice problems on the pages.

Math Easter Egg Hunt

Finding Easter Eggs

Worksheet #1

Addition and Subtraction Game

Worksheet #2

Multiplication Problems

Worksheet #3

Division Problems

Worksheet #4

Coordinating Game

Worksheet #5

Hunt the Correct Number for the Easter Egg

In a small town, a group of children prepares for an Easter egg hunt. As they gather in the park, their teacher announces that this year’s egg hunt will be a bit different. The children need to find a specific egg. The kids are excited but also a bit nervous. 

  • First, the teachers draw 8 Easter eggs with numbers written on them.
  • Then, they give clues to the students.
  • Each student reads the clue and gets their specific number.
  • after that, the students will find the correct number’s Easter eggs.
  • For example, if a student gets the number “15”, she/he will find an Easter egg for the number 15.
  • Whoever finds the correct number first will be the winner.

Hunt the correct number

Add and Subtract with Easter Eggs

I have a small math problem with the addition and subtraction of Easter eggs.  I have hidden some chocolate bunnies in our house and arranged a little addition and subtraction math game. I told my little one to find those chocolate bunnies and gave her some Easter eggs.

In those Easter eggs, there were some simple addition and subtraction math. She has to solve these math problems to get the prize. For example, I gave her two Easter eggs that contain this math; 21 and 7.

Now, she adds up 21 and 7, and also subtract 21 and 7. If she can solve the problems, she gets to open the next Easter egg.

Add and Subtract the Easter Eggs

Solve and Hunt Easter Eggs

Follow the steps below to understand the game completely.

Step 1:

  • First, you will need to create addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division-related math questions for your students to solve. Just write down the problems on tiny slips of paper and be sure that every paper can fit in an Easter egg.

Step 2:

  • To examine student work, you’ll also make sure that each problem is numbered and that you have an answer key. To record their responses, students will also require a recording sheet. 
  • I advise writing the question number both on the outside and inside of the egg. Because the eggs are not always placed exactly where they are found, it might be challenging for students to remember which questions they have already answered.
  • Once you have done everything, simply place one problem in each Easter egg and hide them around the room. You are now ready to start your math Easter egg hunt!

Step 3:

  • They will open any Easter eggs they find and solve the problem written inside. They will next write their answer on their answer sheet along with the corresponding number.
  • If the problem is #1 and the operation is “12+ 5 =?”, they will write the answer next to #1 on their answer sheet, and the answer will be 17.
  • After that, they will place the egg in its old place and carry on their search for the remaining eggs.

Step 4:

  • They will open another Easter egg and solve the problem written inside.
  • If the problem is #2 and the operation is “18- 3 =?”, they will write the answer next to #2 on their answer sheet, and the answer will be 15. After that, they will place the egg and find other eggs with problems of “16*2=?” and “15/3 =?” and the answer will be 32 and 5.
  • Now check the answers.

Solve and Hunt Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt Game: Find Coordinates

Introduce the idea of coordinates first.

  • Describe how coordinates are a series of numbers that represent a particular place on a grid. You may show how coordinates can be used to identify certain points on a grid by, for example, drawing a simple coordinate grid on a whiteboard or piece of paper.
  • Next, hide some Easter eggs with a tiny piece of paper containing coordinates placed inside each egg.
  • ask them to find the eggs and mark the points on the provided grid paper.
  • If the coordinate is (2,1), they will mark the point of that coordinate on the grid paper.
  • After marking all the points they will find and draw a straight line on the grid paper.

Coordinates Easter Egg Hunt Game

Find the Easter Eggs and Get the Treasure

Everyone enjoys playing “treasure hunts.”

  • The bunny will find Easter eggs with clues inside them.
  • First, find an Easter egg that has a clue written on it “add the numbers 3+2”. After solving the problem, the answer is 5. 
  • Now, the bunny needs to find the second egg, and the clue is to subtract 21 from the first egg’s answer. The second answer is 21-5= 16. 
  • Then, find the third egg and the clue is to multiply 2 with the second answer. The result will be 16*2=32.
  • Lastly, the bunny divides the previous answer with the fourth egg’s clue and the result is 16/8 =2.
  • So if the bunny does all four steps correctly, it will find the treasure.

Find the Easter Eggs and Get the Treasure

Download Free Worksheet

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed math Easter egg hunt worksheets using the concepts of counting, adding, subtracting, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and get a better understanding of subtraction and addition.

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