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Missing Addend Word Problem | 9 Fun Activities | Free Printables


To solve the questions with a lot of text, students need to have a variety of missing addend word-problem experiences. Missing addend word problems differ from transition “Find the sum or difference” word problems in that one portion and the entire are supplied. A missing addend word problem is a phrase that is absent from an addition sentence that also contains the sum and at least one other addend.

The method involves figuring out how to use subtraction to solve a problem when only one addend and the sum are known. For example, if I have a pen and I want to have 10 pens. How many more do I need? 1+_ =10 The answer will be 9.

Missing Addend word problem

9 Amazing Activities for Missing Addend Word Problems

It is necessary to do this before beginning any type of practice in order for children to understand and visualize the addend word problem they are working on.  Here we go!

Who wants to draw?

Word problems are difficult for kids to understand. That’s why I think I should make something that they love. Drawing is the best way to grasp their attention.  I ask them to draw and color the related items, then solve the problem.
Such as if they have two balloons and they want to have eight balloons. How many more do they need to buy?

Using balloons to describe missing addend word problem

Fish Missing Addend Word Game

My kid’s favorite leisure is to spend time with the aquarium fish. One day when I was walking alongside the aquarium, I thought, “Why not give them a fish task.” I went to the market and bought five fish.

After coming home, I asked my little one to solve the problem. If he had four fish in the aquarium and I wanted nine fish, how many more would I have to buy?

Fish Missing Addend Word Game

Time for a Picnic!

Children’s attention spans and mental health improve when they go on picnics. The advantages of fresh air for our child’s mental and physical health are incalculable. The fresh air is good for their physical wellness.

It’s the new year, and our family decided to go for a picnic where I could teach my children word problems. I ask them to count the trees first and then tell me the number.

They tell me there are five trees in one line alongside the pond. Then I ask them how many trees I need to plant if I want eight.

counting trees to describe missing addend word problem

Farm Activity!

My father has an animal farm. The farm has a fascinating quality. It is a wonderful location for exploring and learning because of the wide space, the sounds of animals, the dirt to play in, and so much more.  Today, we will go to a farm and set up a practice test for my children to learn about addend word problems.

For example, I ask them to count all the animals, and they say there are 2 cows, 5 hens, and 5 ducks. Then I inquire as to how many cows I must purchase in order to obtain four.

using animals to describe missing addend word problem

Getting Gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I will give my little one some chocolates as a new year’s gift if she gives the correct answer to the problem. If I have six chocolates, then I ask how many chocolates I must buy to get nine.

using chocolates to describe missing addend word problem

Story Telling

Students always love to hear stories. Teachers and parents can tell them stories where they can teach them word problems. Once upon a time, there lived a cowboy in a village who went to the hill daily to give the cows grass. One day he shouted, “Tiger! Tiger!” and all the farmers came to him. But there was no tiger.

He fooled the farmers. He did this the next day and again fooled the farmers. The third day, he again shouted, and that day a tiger came and ate the cows.

The farmers, however, did not come because they believed he had pranked them again. Now, if he had three cows, how many more did he have—five cows?

counting cows to describe missing addend word problem

Gardening Time!

Stress is reduced and mood is improved by gardening. Exercise can be found in gardening. It comes nearer to nature. Parents and teachers can set up gardening to learn word math problems.  I have some flower plants. I have two more flower plants.

Now I have six flower plants. How many plants did I have at first?

counting flower to describe missing addend word problem

Car Racing

Who doesn’t like cars? Everyone has so many toy cars in their house, which is helpful for teaching our children word math problems. In this process, we ask them to count the cars and then race those shown in the photo. They do it until they solve all the problems.

using cars to describe  missing addend word problem

Counting Money

Children think counting money is a fun game. I set up a game so that they could count money. I ask them if they have 4 cents, and their aunt also gives them some cents. Now that they have 14 cents, how many more do they have?

Counting Money to describe missing addend word problem

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In the preceding discussion, I went over a variety of tasks involving missing addend word problem. I’m hoping that these activities may help young Champ improve their missing addend word problem-solving abilities. Here are the very few exercises. By selecting the download button, you can save this practice sheet to your computer or mobile device and print it.


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