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Decimal Assessment | Free Printable | Task Cards

Decimal Assessment

Are you looking for a fun and engaging decimal assessment to use in your classroom? Look no further! This assessment is perfect for reviewing decimals with your students. Great for 5.NBT.A.1

It is challenging, but it also provides plenty of opportunities for students to show what they know. Plus, it’s tons of fun! So give it a try and see how your students perform.

We’re here to help. So buckle up, because it’s about to get decimal-y in here!

Decimal Relationships

Today is part three of our quick study of place value with decimals, or decimal relationships.

On day one, we created an interactive notebook and played with base ten blocks and grid paper.

On day two, we practiced our new found skills using a multiplying by powers of 10 game.

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Place Value and Decimal Assessments

Today, they get to practice and show off their knowledge of these decimal relationships they have been exploring. There are two different options available.

I’ve provided 20 task cards that have problems as simple as 234 x 10 to multi-step word problems that will have your students multiplying by 10 and .10.

There is also a FREE assessment with 10 questions (quicker and easier to grade) that focuses on decimal relationships.

Assessing Decimal Understanding


Have you tried out math journals yet? Journals are an amazing way to get children to solve one problem at a time, write an equation for it, and model the answer.

When a student spends this much time analyzing a problem, their understanding slowly begins to increase.

The task cards are perfect for journaling.

Pass out one a day and have them glue it into their math journals. Have them draw models similar to the ones from their interactive notebook, and make sure they include equations.

As your students work through the task problems, their understanding and knowledge of this concept will increase as they are forced to go beyond just solving 20 expressions.

Walk around the room

This is an easy one to do and allows the students to get up and move and collaborate. Cut out the squares from the decimal relationship assessment or task cards and tape them around the room.

Have the students number their papers 1 to 10 for decimal relationship assessment or 1 – 20 for task cards.

They may then stand up to find the different problems. The students get to discuss the problems with their classmates and work together as long as all problems are done by the end of the period.

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Share your answer

Grab 6 pieces of butcher pieces, and glue task cards to each. Allow a group at each table to work through the problem on the paper.

Rotate through so each group makes it to each problem. Have them solve, draw models, and write equations, but also leave comments on others answers.

Yes, I agree. Good Job. Wonderful.

I don’t think this is right because…

Use whiteboards

Use your smart board or overhead projector and post printable on the screen. Have each student solve the problems on their whiteboard and show it to you.

I highly recommend taking notes on those students who are not finishing or getting the wrong answers. This way you can pull them into a small group the next day and review!!!

I hope this mini-series has given you some ideas for engaging your students and helping them understand the concepts behind math.

Decimal Assessment Worksheet

Download this free assessment below….then get back to grading that stack of papers.

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