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Top 10 Real Life Examples of Triangle | Free Printable

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Hello to our youngsters. We hope you are all doing well. Today, you are going to see some real life examples of triangle.

As we see things in our day-to-day lives, some common items are triangular in shape. Today’s discussion is based on finding these triangular-shaped things in our daily lives.

So, let’s start today’s journey to see some real life examples of triangle.

Introduction to Triangle and Its Various Parts

Before going on to the main discussion, let’s go through some theories. We all know what a triangle is, right?

We can define a triangle as an area surrounded by three sides. These three sides will be connected to one another at their endpoints. These connected endpoints create the angle of the triangle.

A triangle mainly has

  • Three sides
  • Three angles were created by the sides and
  • Three vertices. Vertix is the intersection point that is created by any of the two sides.

Based on the length of the sides and measurement of the angles, triangles can be classified into various categories.

Look at the following image. Here, you will see different parts of a triangle.

Explaining Different Parts of A Triangle

Some Properties of Triangles

In this section, you will get to know some triangle properties. What properties does a triangle have? Or how is it different from the other shapes?

  • As we know, triangles are made up of three sides. The sum of two smaller sides will always be bigger than its largest side.
  • The sum of the three interior angles will always be 180°.
  • If all the sides of a triangle are equal, then all three interior angles will also be equal, and their value will be 60°.
  • If the height and base of a triangle are multiplied and then divided by 2, it will be equal to the area of that triangle.

Figuring Area and Perimeter of Triangle

Let’s see how we can figure out the area and perimeter of a triangle. Suppose we have a triangle named ABC, where BC is its base and AB and AC are its two slides.

Draw a line from vertex A to base BC. It intersects the line in D. So AD is the height of this triangle.

Now, to find the area, you have to use a formula. That is, the area of a triangle = 1/2 x (base x height).

For the above case, the formula will be, Area of triangle ABC = 1/2 x BC x AD.

To find the perimeter of a triangle, you have to simply add all three sides. For the above examples, the perimeter of triangle ABC will be, AB + BC +CA.

Finding Area and Perimeter of A Triangle by Using Formulas

10 Real Life Examples of Triangle

In the following discussion, you will find ten real life examples of triangle. You will be surprised at how each of these daily examples is related to the triangle.

So, without any further delay, let’s start today’s journey.

Example 1: Roof Truss

The first example of this triangle in daily life will be the triangular rooftops on various houses. These types of roofs are built to remove excess water or snow on the roof from rain or snowfall.

Triangle Shaped Roof Truss

Example 2: Triangular Shaped Foods

Though you might not have noticed it, you have eaten triangular-shaped food on a regular basis. Sandwiches, pizza slices, Cheetos, tortilla chips, and watermelon pieces are some of them.

Triangular Shaped Foods Example

Example 3: Buildings and Monuments of Triangular Shape

We assume you have all heard about the Eiffel Tower. If not, then you don’t have to worry. See the following image. Let the top point of the tower be the vertex of a triangle, and the lowest part is the baseline. Now draw two lines from the vertex to the endpoints of the baseline, one by one.

You will see that a triangle is formed.

Also, in different places, you will be able to see triangle-shaped architectural structures.

Triangular Shaped Structures and Building Examples

Example 4: Triangular Traffic Signs

While going to school or somewhere else, you may have seen some signs on the road. These signs indicate various instructions related to our destination. Like when turning is prohibited or how much distance is left to our destination, etc.

Notice their shapes, and you will see a triangle there.

Traffic Signs of Roads in Triangular Shapes

Example 5: Bridges with Truss

Bridge trusses are used to give extra strength to the bridge structures. It distributes the force and increases strength.

Truss bridges are also ideal examples of triangles. You will see several triangular shapes on both sides of the bridge. These shapes are all interconnected. Observe those shapes carefully, and you will find triangular shapes in them.

Triangular Shaped Structure in Bridges

Example 6: Pyramids of Egypt

Have you seen the pyramids? A magnificent example of architecture. This big and tall structure surprises all of us, even today.

If you observe a pyramid, you will find triangles on all four sides.

Pyramid as A Example of Real Life Triangle

Example 7: Triangular Staircase and Ladders

When you view a staircase from the side, you will find a right-triangle shape there. Also, if a ladder is placed against a wall, it creates a triangular shape.

Staircase Ladder Forming Triangular Structure

Example 8: Sailing Boats

Sailing boats frequently have their sails in the shape of a right angle. The sails have different lengths on their sides. There are also different measures for the angles between the sides. But one angle among all three is a right angle. The sails help maneuver the boats easily through action and reaction.

Sailing Boats with Triangular Shaped Sails

Example 9: Tree or Building Height

We can see trees or buildings as tall objects in our daily lives. A tall object forms a right angle with the land. You can see the right triangle’s structure by visualizing its top and the open end of the shadow forming the hypotenuse together.

We can also use this concept to find the height of a pole or mountain.

Measuring Tree or Building Height Using Triangle

Example 10: Bermuda Triangles

Let’s give an interesting real-life example of a triangle. A number of ships and aircraft are rumored to have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, which is located in the western North Atlantic Ocean.

If you closely look at the position and shape of that place, it briefly resembles a triangle.

Bermuda Triangle of Triangle Shape

Real-Life Examples of Isosceles Triangle

A triangle with two sides that are the same length is said to be an isosceles triangle. That means, in an isosceles triangle, the two sides’ lengths will be the same or equal. Click on the following image, and you will find several examples of isosceles triangles in real life. You will be surprised to see the isosceles triangles in those examples.

So, let’s explore the real-life examples of isosceles triangle!

Real-Life Examples of Isosceles Triangle

Real-Life Examples of Equilateral Triangle

You might have seen an equilateral triangle in your geometry class, but have you ever thought about the equilateral triangle in real life? There are several objects that have the shape of an equilateral triangle.

Equilateral triangles can be found in many places in the world around us, from traffic signs on the street to the toppings on a pizza. In this article, we will explore some examples of equilateral triangles in real life. So, get ready to discover some fascinating ways that equilateral triangles are used around us by clicking on the image given below.

So, let’s explore the real-life examples of equilateral triangle!

Real-Life Examples of Equilateral Triangle

Real-Life Examples of Scalene Triangle

A scalene triangle has three sides with different measures. The angles in this triangle are also not equal. A scalene triangle lacks any lines of symmetry due to its asymmetrical shape. As long as all three sides are uneven, scalene triangles can be any size and shape. Scalene triangles are common in the real world. Let’s have a look at the following real-life examples of scalene triangles.

So, let’s explore the real-life examples of scalene triangle!

Real-Life Examples of Scalene Triangle

Real-Life Examples of Right Angle Triangle

Every triangle has three angles. The angles may be acute, obtuse, or right. Among all the three angles, if one is the right angle, the triangle will be called the right triangle.

Right triangles are common in the real world. Let’s have a look at how many applications we can find as right triangle real-life examples.

So, let’s explore the real-life examples of right angle triangle!

Real-Life Examples of Right Angle Triangle

Real-Life Examples of Obtuse Angle Triangle

Obtuse triangles fall inside the angle-based classification of a triangle. As we know, there can be three types of angles inside a triangle: acute, right-angle, and obtuse.

So, what is an obtuse angle? When an angle is bigger than 90° (the right angle) and less than 180°, it is called an obtuse angle. And a triangle with an obtuse angle is called an obtuse triangle.

Click on the following image, and you will find several examples of obtuse triangles in real life. All these examples are very familiar to you.

So, let’s explore the real-life examples of obtuse angle triangle!

Real-Life Examples of Obtuse Triangle

Some Triangle Identification Worksheets

Let’s end today’s discussion by solving some triangle identification worksheets. This triangle identification will be based on the sides and angles of a triangle.

Click on the following image. The image will redirect you to the desired identification worksheets. Happy identifying.

So, let’s explore some fun and exciting triangle identification worksheet.

Triangle Identification Based on Sides and Angles


In the above discussion, I have discussed some real life examples of triangle. These examples will help your students enhance their skills in identifying real life examples of triangle.

Please feel free to provide any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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