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How to Teach Fractions Using Number Lines

Teaching fractions on a number line? Grab this free printable that challenges students draw number lines to help them Develop Fraction Sense Using Number Lines. It’s week three of our Developing Fraction Sense series. We began with a look at Numerators and Denominators…. Get it...
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Equivalent Fraction Dominoes

*This post contains affiliated links   Learning through games rocks, and I’m finding that this is how my four year old learns the best. It amazes me what he can do in a game, that he “can’t” do when it isn’t a game.  This game...
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One Amazing Visual Fraction Models Game

Visual Fraction Models are a great way to introduce children to fractions. This fraction game helps children recognize fractions and this visual model. The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the blue “get your free printable here” button.  ...
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